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Offer Callback just for VIP

  • 1.  Offer Callback just for VIP

    Posted 07-21-2021 03:26

    Hi everyone,

    I am solving "offer of callback" in IAttendant, but there is requirements that callback has to be present just for VIP customer.

    Flow is:
    - check customer segment and set custom attribute
    - present caller with IVR menu
    - caller "presses" required choice
    - call is transferred to particular worgroup queue. Every IVR choice has its workgroup.
    - if there is any agent is available, route call to him
    - if agent is not available, offer callback, but just for customer from VIP segment (check attributte set before). If customer is "VIP", one has opportunity to still waiting for available agent or be contacted later, by pressing e.g. "1". If customer presses "1", call is transferred to worgroup "Callback" and call is disconnected. If VIP customer wishes to wait for available agent, one should wait in the same workgroup. For standard customer does not offer callback, ones will be informed about "..no agent is currently available, wait" and further waiting for available agent.

    Is there any simple way to do it just in IAttendant or there is any customization in "hadler" necessary to achive the goal above?

    Thank you for ideas and help

    Best regards

    Pavel ​​​

    Pavel Broska
    Alcasys Slovakia a.s

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