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  • 1.  Last Agent Routing

    Posted 10-03-2018 07:42

    has anyone achieved last agent routing using designer or attendant? 

    my requirement is to route the call to the last agent who spoke to the customer and if he / she is not available then route the call to work group.



  • 2.  RE: Last Agent Routing

    Posted 10-03-2018 10:10
    I have researched this off and on in the past but never fully implemented this. The first thing you need to figure out is what will be your CRM or system of record to store the customer to agent relationship data? Next assuming you can tie back the IC user to this relationship info from the caller you could set up categories in the workgroup. There is an auto category CIC does where each user is put into their own category. When the call goes to the queue figure out if the agent is available and then set the category requirement on the call so only that agent can get the ACD call. If after x seconds or some other mechanism you can remove the category from the call and it would route to the rest of the ACD queue population.

    I've used categories and skills to send calls from authenticated calls to a specific agent so I can assure you this method works. The only difference for my other setups was it was the same agent per account, it did not change per last agent to talk to the customer but as long as you can store that info somewhere you should be able to use categories to obtain the function you are looking for.

    Mark Tatera

    Opinions are my own and not the views of my employer. Any suggestions or programming changes I suggest come with no warranty and should be tried at your own risk.

  • 3.  RE: Last Agent Routing

    Posted 10-04-2018 03:56
    Hi Mallesh,

    We have build such a feature and added it to a package with other nice features related to ACD Routing. Important feature in Last Agent routing is that we offer the call in the workgroup directly and reserve it for the preferred agent if available and we can also wait for that agent for a predefined time. The advantage of this approach is that the call is an ACD from the beginning, so it is counted to you ACD statistics as well. And also the preferred agent get an ACD call with all features included, such as followup time and wrap-up codes.

    Below a short summary what is in our package:

    The PureConnect Automatic Communication Distribution (ACD) system intelligently routes interactions based on any variables of your choice. ACD quickly finds the best agent for each interaction according to its built-in functionality. Our Advanced ACD Routing Package adds a number of features to this. For example, you're able to select a specific agent to route a specific interaction to, based on various conditions like data from a CRM system or the fact that he was the last one to have talked to this particular customer. It's even possible to have the interaction wait for the preferred agent to become available, while other available agents will be reserved for other interactions. Furthermore, whereas the standard ACD process selects the most suitable agent available immediately upon entry of an ACD interaction (with possibly a low skilled agent is selected), our package enables you to wait for a predefined time until the right agent becomes available.

    Another feature gives you more flexibility how the ACD system selects agents or interactions, allowing you to adjust the parameters used in score calculations and differentiating between the available workgroups and thereby resolving the issue that email or callback interactions sometimes get priority over phone calls, or interactions losing their queue position after a transfer to another queue.

    Finally, this package makes your organization more versatile when blending chat interactions with calls: whereas by default, chat interactions are evenly distributed among agents, chat stacking preferably offers a new chat to an agent that is already busy with one or more chats in order to keep other agents free for call interactions.

    Please let me know if you are interested of need more details.

    Edward de Wit
    3Fiftynine B.V.

  • 4.  RE: Last Agent Routing

    Posted 10-04-2018 08:01

    Hi Edward,

    Can you elaborate a little?  Who is we?  Are you with Genesys or is this a third party add on?  I am interested so if you have more details on the package, please reply to sender.




    Livingston Int'l


  • 5.  RE: Last Agent Routing

    Posted 10-04-2018 08:26
    ​I am curious about this as well.

    Victoria Banner
    Business Svcs Manager IKEA

  • 6.  RE: Last Agent Routing

    Posted 10-04-2018 08:43
    Hi All,

    The post by Edward is interesting and I would also like to know more details how its done.

    We have implemented this using handlers. Working on more complex business requirements.
    Current handler ask the client to enter a pre-defined code for the agent they last talked to and than it tries to get it to the same agent.

    Enhancements iunclude;
    Matching the client-id or ANI with previous call data based on client-id or ANI and then try to send the call to the same agent. The match is performed using REST web-services and not direct DB steps within Handler, but you can code it anyway you like.


    Vineet Kakroo

  • 7.  RE: Last Agent Routing

    Posted 10-05-2018 02:40
    We are using Edward his solution and this is working very well.


    Michael Sourbron

    Michael Sourbron

  • 8.  RE: Last Agent Routing

    Posted 01-09-2023 08:28
    Hi Michael. Sorry, I know this post is quite old, but have you got some information about how you implemented Last Called Routing ? 
    Thanks for your help

    Catherine Dupire

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