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  • 1.  FAQ: What are the Charts Under Traffic?

    Posted 11-09-2021 15:13
    Edited by Rebecca Roberts 11-09-2021 16:10
    Hey DX,

    What data can be found in the five charts under the traffic tab in the AI Dashboard?

    These charts are Q&A Traffic, Widget Traffic, Escalation Reduction, Widget Usage Rates, and High Value Chats.


    Rebecca Roberts
    Genesys - Employees

  • 2.  RE: FAQ: What are the Charts Under Traffic?

    Posted 11-11-2021 15:20
    Edited by James Cockbill 11-11-2021 15:22

    Hey Rebecca,

    Found under Analytics in the AI Dashboard is the Traffic category. There are five charts here, along with an answered sessions tab that shows how many sessions have been answered through Genesys DX. The five charts and data found within include:

    Q&A Traffic This chart displays how many questions are asked by users, answered successfully by Genesys DX or escalated to representatives. It provides a quick snapshot to see busy periods in terms of inquiry volume.

    Widget Traffic This chart measures your site's traffic for pages where Genesys DX is visible to users. It doesn't display usage of the widget itself, but rather gives insight into how many people were on pages where they could interact with it.

    Escalation Reduction Three main data points are reflected in this chart, each as a percentage. It includes: Escalation Reduction - questions that were not escalated to representatives Answered Questions - questions that received an answer and were not escalated Escalations - questions that were asked and escalated to representatives

    Widget Usage Rates This chart showcases the percentage of users in your site that are using Genesys DX. The data is displayed both broken out by visit and by visitors.

    High Value Chats Shows how many of your chats fall into the 'High-Value' category. Note that for the particular chart you have to select in the knowledge base the type of questions are seen as high value, like an inquiry related to purchasing a big ticket item. If this is not done, the chart will simply show 0%, as is seen in the example chart here.


    James Cockbill
    Genesys - Employees