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Quizzes & Contests | Genesys Gamification Event Series

  • 1.  Quizzes & Contests | Genesys Gamification Event Series

    Posted 09-16-2020 18:34
    If you were asked what was the best way to motivate your agents, you might say by offering a substantial reward. This is true, to an extent. Sometimes, positive reinforcement (such as praise or recognition) is enough to keep a workforce engaged and productive. Other times, you need to up the ante. Genesys nGAGEMENT allows companies to boost the game concepts in their contact center management by leveraging quizzes and contests. Creating a quiz for rewards like a day off or even a small bonus can spur agents into meeting and exceeding their own performance levels. Likewise, quizzes are a fun way to keep your team up to speed with important information that will help them provide better service while giving them a small shot of dopamine when they get the answers right.

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    Marcela Areiza
    Product Marketing/Management Manager
    Genesys - Employees