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  • 1.  Genesys Cloud Event Orchestrator (Public Idea: OP-I-238)

    Posted 05-16-2022 22:10
    Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to confirm if there is any ETA for the orchestrator idea? Few client asking for same use case which is GC to have the flexibility to update 3rd party database (via API) for certain interaction event.

    I do understand AWS event bridge could achieve the same but client prefer to have it in Genesys Cloud due to extra AWS costing.


    Kent Hong

    Kent Hong
    ITApps Sdn Bhd

  • 2.  RE: Genesys Cloud Event Orchestrator (Public Idea: OP-I-238)

    Posted 05-18-2022 10:27
    Hey Kent,

    I am not a PM and don't have any visibility into features that you don't have, but if there is an idea for this, the best way to stay updated on announcements is to follow that idea because it will get updated as it is reviewed, accepted, etc.

    Wish I had more specific news!



    Matt Lawson
    Genesys - Employees
    Online Community Manager