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  • 1.  Adherence stats for Off Queue activity with secondary statuses

    Posted 02-23-2023 17:07
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    I have a customer using Genesys Cloud WFM to schedule on-queue as well as back office work. My question surrounds adherence stats when mapping secondary statuses to Off-Queue work.

    In my screenshot, I have several activity codes with Off Queue activity and mapped to a secondary status. For Off Queue work, agents can be either in Available or Busy statuses to be in adherence ( I did some testing and found the following:
    * When secondary status is mapped in Activity Codes, agent must be in Busy with the specific secondary status to be adhering. If agent is in Available, then agent is NOT adhering. Implications - agent cannot receive internal calls from team member when in Busy mode.
    * When secondary status is unmapped in Activity Codes, agent can be in either Available or Busy (any secondary status) to be adhering. Implications - we lose visibility of secondary status in reporting.

    Is this correct? What do most users do in this situation?

    #Genesys Cloud CX

    Cherith O'Neill
    Telstra Corporation Ltd

  • 2.  RE: Adherence stats for Off Queue activity with secondary statuses

    Posted 02-24-2023 07:17

    Real-time adherence, historical adherence, or both? If not both, then which one is correct and which one exhibits the issue? Is the behavior consistent and repeatable or transient?

    If there is nothing obvious, I would recommend opening a support ticket so we can investigate further.

    Jay Langsford
    VP, R&D

  • 3.  RE: Adherence stats for Off Queue activity with secondary statuses

    Posted 03-05-2023 20:28

    Hi Jay

    I'm just considering real time adherence at the moment, which then feeds into historical adherence. What I described above with mapping of secondary statuses (or unmapped) is always consistent (not intermittent).

    Ideally customer would like to have secondary statuses mapped in Activity Codes, but they also require their users to be available to accept internal phone calls. To be adhering, agents will need to be placed in Busy with the secondary status, but they cannot receive internal calls in Busy status. To get around this issue, customer had to unmap all secondary statuses and agents can be in Available to be adhering, but they lose visibility of the specific work that agents are working on.


    Cherith O'Neill
    Telstra Corporation Ltd

  • 4.  RE: Adherence stats for Off Queue activity with secondary statuses

    Posted 03-08-2023 18:16

    Hi Cherith, 

    We have the same issue. We want our agents to be visible and at the same time, receive calls from a peer when needed. We created an on-queue status with the name of the activity they are to work during that time frame so that the agent can see on their schedule what they are to work and receive calls. Downfall is that we have to deactivate all their queues to not get an inbound call and as they are coded on queue, the schedule is counting them as part of your headcount. We have not found a solution but would love to have one as well. 

    Heidi Kelly
    AAA Washington

  • 5.  RE: Adherence stats for Off Queue activity with secondary statuses
    Best Answer

    Posted 03-12-2023 16:49

    Hi Cherith.

    Would it work if you changed the agent secondary status to be mapped to the "Available" status code instead of "Busy" under Organization Settings >  Available? And then you can update your activity codes for WFM to any of the secondary status codes under available and have that level of detail in your schedule you are seeking and should give you adherence? I have not tested for implications but it seems to fit the requirement you are seeking to allow agents be in Available and receive internal calls.

    Just a thought.


    Malcolm Thompson
    Ensighted Pty Ltd

  • 6.  RE: Adherence stats for Off Queue activity with secondary statuses

    Posted 03-20-2023 01:06

    Hi Mal and Heidi

    Thanks so much for your responses. I don't know why but I don't seem to get email notification of any messages coming through this channel.

    Mal, I have tested your suggestion. I mapped the secondary Off Queue activities and creating secondary statuses for Available. This solution works, although I do need to get my head around using Available for actual work rather than bumming around doing nothing. 

    Heidi, thanks for your suggestion. I guess your option works for adherence purposes. But I would expect this would stuff up the scheduling engine's calculation of required FTEs vs the number of actual agents who is performing the work. So, in Intraday Monitoring, this would make your Predicted Service Level to be constantly higher that your Actual Service Level?


    Cherith O'Neill
    Telstra Corporation Ltd

  • 7.  RE: Adherence stats for Off Queue activity with secondary statuses

    Posted 03-20-2023 11:28

    Hi Cherith


    It does make our numbers off for taking the calls, so we must remember/notate accordingly for reporting purposes. There is no easy answer or solution that we could find.


    We would also love to have the ability to change the color of specific of a code to help the agents clearly see the difference between activities that are "on queue".  



    "HK" Heidi Kelly

    Senior Supervisor, Operations
    AAA Washington 


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