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  • 1.  Alert: send to entire queue / limit 15 minutes?

    Posted 04-17-2024 06:06

    Hi all,

    1) I want to create an alert (e.g. when 5 callers are waiting) to the entire group of agents. Ideally, I want to send it to everybody that has been assigned to a specific queue. However, I'm only able to pick people as recipients, which would mean that I have to adapt the rule each time a member leaves or a new member arrives.

    2) The alert is send only each 15 minutes (if the trigger has been met); isn't it possible to show the alert each time the condition is hit?

    Thanks in advance,


    Staelens Kenny
    AG Insurance

  • 2.  RE: Alert: send to entire queue / limit 15 minutes?

    Posted 04-17-2024 07:18

    Good Morning! 

    • Natively, no, I do not believe this is possible.  You could potentially create something behind the scenes using API Calls to get the rule ID in question, check the API Calls for Alerts/Rules and Routing/Queues.  You could iterate through the queues, find the queue you want, then iterate through the list of members of that queue using: GET  /api/v2/routing/queues/{queueId}/members.  Then using that data can update a Alert/Rule using the data pulled in the previous step.  Not fun, but potentially functional.
    • 15 minute timer is a minimum requirement.  No way to go below 15 minutes (that I've found).  Even trying to force the time waiting between triggers via API fails if you try to set it below 90000ms (15 minutes).

    Steven Busse
    Vice President, Lead Business Analyst
    M&T Bank

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