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  • 1.  Alerting on Receipt of a Malicious Call

    Posted 5 days ago

    Hi All -
    Wondering if anyone has (or investigated) a solution for duress / malicious call alerting for an Agent?
    The solution would allow an Agent to immediately alert a specific group of Users regarding a malicious call in progress, such as a bomb threat. We're open to suggestions regarding what the communication channel would be, have looked at options such as:
    - using the 'Call Quality Flag' with associated Notes (not 'Real Time)
    - sending an internal Chat / IM to a supervisor group (too complex)
    Both of the above are a bit clumsy, something more elegant would be preferred; 3rd party product or development would be considered.
    Note that the focus is around real time alerting and engagagement, rather than call trace, although that could also be considerd.
    Many thanks in advance,


    Thanks and regards,
    Malcolm Green
    Nexon Asia Pacific Pty. Ltd.

  • 2.  RE: Alerting on Receipt of a Malicious Call

    Posted 3 days ago

    I guess you could put a button on the script that calls a Data Action to do #2? That would be super not-complex for the agents....

    Paul Simpson
    Eventus Solutions Group

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