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And the winner of the Not-So-Scary Trivia is...

  • 1.  And the winner of the Not-So-Scary Trivia is...

    Posted 10-24-2022 14:19
    Edited by Nicole Milliken 10-26-2022 16:07

    My, my, my was this a CLOSE one! It pains me to say that the only thing that separated the winner from a tie-breaker showdown was the fact that the winner answered the bonus question (for an extra three points) and the other player did not. Ouch, that's gotta hurt! But before I announce the winner, I wanted to reveal the answers for your general trivia knowledge:


    Not-So-Scary Fall Trivia Questions & Answers:

    1. The British initially invented bobbing for apples for what reason?
    • As a torture technique
    • As a courting ritual
    • To determine serving order
    • As a fun way to bathe during the medieval era


    2. How vivid a leaf is during autumn is caused by the amount of what in the leaf?
    • Chlorophyl
    • Vitamin D
    • Sugar
    • Phloem

    (Many people guessed Chlorophyl, but an abundance of sugar and light in the leaf lead to the production of vivid anthocyanin pigments which produce red, purple and crimson colors. So the more sugar a leaf has, the more vivid it is!)

     3. In the Celtic tradition, why did they wear costumes during Halloween?

    • To disguise themselves from ghosts they believed roamed on Halloween night
    • To ridicule those who opposed their religious viewpoints
    • To call family spirits to visit from the other side
    • To encourage children to learn how to sew


    4. What is the "Harvest Moon?"
    • The 2nd full moon that occurs in a single month during autumn
    • Any full moon that occurs during a single month in autumn
    • It's the moon which appears on the first day of autumn
    • The full moon closest to the autumn equinox


    5. The first apples in the United States were used how?
    • For making cider
    • For horse feed
    • For target practice using bows and arrows
    • For Making pies


    6. Fall fruits such as plums, cherries, raspberries, apples, and apricots (among others) are all members of what family?
    • The daffodil family
    • The rose family
    • The orchid family
    • The daisy


    7. What year was the first television broadcast of American College Football?
    • 1965
    • 1974
    • 1951
    • 1939

    (It was a game between Fordham University and Waynesburg College). 

    8. Because of the lack of pumpkins around, the Irish carved what?
    • Logs
    • Nothing, they didn't celebrate Halloween
    • Turnips, beets, and potatoes
    • Ice


    9. What makes autumn feel like autumn?
    • The earth rotating farther away from the sun
    • The earth's tilt in relation to the sun
    • Global warming
    • The ocean tides


    10. Who invented hot chocolate?
    • The Mayans
    • The Dutch
    • The French
    • The Aztecs


    11. What featured the first official recipe for S'mores?
    • Campfire's 1941 marshmallow bag
    • Yosemite State Park's 1954 tourist brochure
    • Betty Crocker's First Edition Cookbook
    • The 1927 Girl Scout manual


    12. Where is the most expensive camping spot in the world?
    • Yellowstone National Park (Mostly in Wyoming)
    • Gorah Elephant Camp (South Africa)
    • Clayoquot Wilderness Resort (Vancouver Island, Canada)
    • Cresto Ranch (Colorado)

    (Fun fact: The Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is $3681/night during the high demand summer months!)

    13. Frankenstein's monster is logging into the Genesys Knowledge Network, where might he find the "My Products" list?
    • Home > Just for Me
    • Support Page
    • My Profile
    • Resources Page

    (This question had many different answers, too. Just go to the new GKN site: to find out more about this page. Who knows, it may come creeping up in another trivia event…)

     14. If Casper the Friendliest Ghost had to choose between the following GKN navigation options to find Beyond, where would he go?

    • Community
    • Get Involved
    • Resources
    • Education & Training 

    Ok, now for the drumroll please! The winner of the Not-So-Scary Trivia event is @Joel Krause! Congratulations, Joel, you get your pick from the Prize Wall (and all because you got those extra points for answering the bonus question, huzzah!) Post in this thread what you want and I'll be in touch to get it to you asap. 

    If you really wanted to win, then you have another chance THIS WEEK! On October 27th we are launching the "Halloween Horror Nights" Trivia Tower event and you'll have until Tuesday morning (Nov. 1st) to get your answers in. Make sure you answer that bonus question because that could be the difference between winning and losing! And I'm sure you want to walk away with that air fryer everyone's talking about…

    See you this Thursday for the new trivia event and thank you to all our reoccurring players and some new ones I saw drop in! Keep playing for your chance to win big, just in time for the holiday season!




    Lyndsay Milliken
    Genesys - Employees

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