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Auto Answer, Whisper and Alerting Enhancements

  • 1.  Auto Answer, Whisper and Alerting Enhancements

    Posted 3 days ago
    Hi Genesys Cloud CX Community!

    Over the past few weeks, there have been several questions around auto answer, whisper and alerting.
    On behalf of the product management team, I apologize for any disruption and confusion around these topics.
    Moving forward, I did want to start an article to help clarity the current state, professional service options and future roadmap in this area.
    Hope this helps and as always interested in community feedback.
    Thanks! Zach

    Current State

    -Auto Answer ON, Whisper = Null – The edge/media tier plays a short 'beep' to indicate to the agent that a call is being connected

    -Auto Answer ON, Whisper = Configured – The edge/media tier plays the customer recorded message or audio file


    PS Option

    -A script can be run to assist a customer in a) having a ring tone audio file play prior to a previously configured whisper message or b) just add a longer ring tone audio file to play where a whisper message was null (this would play in place of the short 'beep' that is played today for customers that want a longer ring).  If you are interested in having PS assistance, please reach out to your CSM or TAM to get started.  For those that would like to configure on their own, here is a good article about whisper prompts to help get you started =

    Future State

    -Product enhancement to allow customers to modify the "beep" played when Auto Answer is ON and Whisper = Null

    -Product enhancement to provide greater flexibility for UI alerts for both voice & digital

    -Note: No ETA yet; however, the team is committed to chartering/scoping the work soon and then prioritizing against other work in flight…stay tuned.

    Thanks again and have a great day!

    Zach Brettnacher
    Genesys - Employees