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  • 1.  Auto change status / set time threshold

    Posted 07-15-2022 13:51


    I would like know how to setup a time limit for the selectable status for the agents.  Example:  Lunch = 30 minutes.  And after the time threshold has been met the system should change the agent status to Custom status "Adherence issue"   

    The hope is that the agent will not go outside of the threshold; however,  if they do I need to be able to run a report so see how many times and for how long the agent is in the custom status. 

    I know how to run the reporting.  it is the automation that I need assistance with.  

    Thank you 


    Sean Mieth
    IO Engineer / Optum RX

  • 2.  RE: Auto change status / set time threshold

    Posted 07-15-2022 14:04
    You could do this with a handler triggering from the user status monitor initiator.  You could pull back the user's status, see if it's changed to lunch, then basically keep the thread for 30 minutes to see if it's still lunch at the end, if it is, then throw them into your desired status.

    Bear in mind that this would keep an active handler thread for the full lunch time.

    Depending on how specific you want to be, you could alternatively use the timer initiator and run a check every 30 seconds, 1 minute, etc for users in Lunch with a status time > 30 minutes and then act on that.

    I would ask, if you can already run the reports, and you know how long you want these to be, why not simply look for times when the time in that status exceeds your prescribed time?  You still have to do just as much work (reporting and looking for occurrences of a status and tracking the amount of time in that status) you're just looking for the event itself instead of this "defect" status.

    Aaron Lael
    State of Utah - comments on this forum reflect my own personal opinions\observations and are separate from any entity I am otherwise involved in.

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