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Beta: Campaign Performance Views

  • 1.  Beta: Campaign Performance Views

    Posted 11-21-2022 10:48

    Hi all,

    We are excited to announce the beta release of the new Campaign Performance Views. These views enable users see the performance summary of all the campaigns within their division and get a detailed view of each individual campaign's performance. 

    The exports of these views will provide the functional equivalent of the following canned Dialer reports, currently available within the Reports area of the application.
    • Dialer Campaign Success Results by Interval
    • Dialer Campaign Success Results by Day

    We request that anyone interested in participating in this beta, register using the form:  Campaign Performance Views - Beta Candidate Survey

    Upon completion of the selection of beta testers,
    we will reach out to you confirming the feature enablement for your organization.  



    Nikhil Ponnam
    Principal Product Manager, Genesys Cloud CX

  • 2.  RE: Beta: Campaign Performance Views

    Posted 12-06-2022 17:26
    Edited by Enrico Cornelio 12-06-2022 17:27
    How about the canned report - Dialer Campaign Detailed Attempt History Report ?  Is this going to be replicated in the Performance views?  That report shows every attempt made on a contact.  Currently the Interactions list only shows a record and a column for Outbound attempted. If a contact was called 4 times, we wanted to find out when each of the 4 attempts was made and the wrap-up code assigned. The Attempt History report, shows the 4 individual attempts details, while the Interactions list only shows one record and a column for the attempts made and the last wrap-up code.

    Rico Cornelio

    Enrico Cornelio
    LeafFilter North, LLC.

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