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  • 1.  Bold360 Agent API 'runReport' - How to Specify Multiple Groupings

    Posted 09-12-2023 12:13
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    I am automating a manual process that is currently done in the Bold360 interface.  The process is to generate and download a report, such as the "Chat Summary" report, but have multiple groupings.  The way this is done on the website is by using the button 'advanced' when creating a report which then provides the opportunity to specify a 'primary' and 'additional' grouping.  The API documentation, however, does not state how to specify multiple groupings when using the 'runReport' endpoint.  

    I would appreciate if you could provide an example request URL that can be used to run a report with multiple groupings specified.  Namely: 'date' & 'operator'

    Attached is a collection of screenshots showing the discrepancy in the API documentation and the website interface. 

    Thank you in advance.

    Nicole Pero

  • 2.  RE: Bold360 Agent API 'runReport' - How to Specify Multiple Groupings

    Posted 09-13-2023 14:39

    Hi Nicole,

    I checked with the team on this, and they weren't able to come up with an immediate answer.

    I'd open a support ticket on this ( so someone could directly assist you with this.

    Anthony Romero
    Genesys - Employees

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