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  • 1.  Call recording stops when calls are transferred to Attendant

    Posted 09-05-2023 03:47

    We have been running custom handlers that provide the necessary functionality for agents to transfer customers to an IVR to submit credit card payments. Recently, we've been working to introduce enhancements to allow customers to also submit ACH payments. With this latest service, there is a requirement to record the interaction while in the IVR. I have enabled line recording and when the interaction first enters the system, it records in Attendant as expected. When the interaction is afterward delivered to and subsequently answered by an agent, the recording continues. However, if the agent later transfers the interaction back to Attendant to submit a payment, call recording stops. When the interaction is once again connected to the agent, call recording resumes.

    I'm using Get Profile and System Queue tools in the handler to accomplish the transfer. Must the transfer be handled a specific way to continue recording? If the particular approach is unfeasible, are there any ideas about how I can meet the requirement to continue recording interactions after they are transferred to Attendant and for the duration of the time that they remain in the IVR?


    Steve Hairston
    CarMax Enterprise Services, LLC

  • 2.  RE: Call recording stops when calls are transferred to Attendant

    Posted 09-06-2023 09:01


    Usually, the reverse is true (PCI regulations require that you don't record this stuff) which is why the Secure IVR was created (one of the things it does is prevent recording.)

    I'm guessing that you (possibly without realizing it) are using a secure IVR (if you have cloned the credit card IVR) and that's the issue.


    Paul Simpson
    Eventus Solutions Group

  • 3.  RE: Call recording stops when calls are transferred to Attendant

    Posted 09-06-2023 10:49

    Paul, thanks for the reply. We do use Secure Input for taking credit card payments through a self-service IVR.

    After doing some more poking around and testing, it was discovered that the Recorder option to stop recording on transfers is the root cause of the issue. The technical reference states that "...if this box is not selected, it is not possible to play only a segment of the call or skip to a specific segment." Do you know if there are additional implications to disabling the functionality? The reason I ask is that I vaguely recall when we were considering doing this at another company a number of years ago, Support possibly advised against it for some reason.

    Alternatively, do you know if there's a customization point that could allow us to continue to record in segments but implement custom logic to prevent it from segmenting only when transferring to the system queue?


    Steve Hairston
    CarMax Enterprise Services, LLC

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