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  • 1.  Call survey

    Posted 02-24-2023 16:35

    really I need help here 

    1- I Created a workflow in secure call flow and in this workflow (I used to collect input to collect data from customers and get participant data)

    2- then create a button in the agent's script that transfers the call to the customer }}} Pic 1 

    3- in the script choose  (Scripter. Invoke Secure Flow and choose my secure flow)

    4- I create a queue to test my script and add one agent for this queue 

    5- in a queue go to the voice table and choose my script to be the default script

    by why when customers call an agent, this button is not shown for an agent ???




    reham alzeer
    Al-Hassan Ghazi Ibrahim Shaker Co

  • 2.  RE: Call survey

    Posted 02-27-2023 09:09

    We have found that your local browser often caches earlier versions of scripts. If you clear your cache, you may well find the button shows up.


    Paul Simpson
    Eventus Solutions Group

  • 3.  RE: Call survey

    Posted 03-28-2023 18:42

    I solved this issue by choose right variable 

    reham alzeer
    Al-Hassan Ghazi Ibrahim Shaker Co

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