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  • 1.  Chat protocols

    Posted 08-28-2022 02:55
    Hi Team,

    I am not able to figure out the difference between Basic & Flex chat protocols. 

    Kindly put up your words, thanks well in advance.

    Sudherson Nadar
    mokSa Technologies India Private Limited.

  • 2.  RE: Chat protocols

    Posted 09-14-2022 08:33
    Hi Sudherson! I reached out to Product Management and here is the answer to your question:

    Here's the snippet:

    • Basic Chat is for agent applications. 
    • Flex Chat is specifically designed for customer-facing applications. 
    Please let me know if you have any other questions.  Thanks!

    Ginger Alford
    Program Manager, Product Strategy & Operations
    Genesys - Employee

  • 3.  RE: Chat protocols

    Posted 11-24-2022 09:07
    Dears !

    We are using a chat application of a vendor. They support webhook and API.
    Could we integrate this chat with Genesys Cloud CX?

    Please help.

    Duong Phan
    Individual Only Contact Account

  • 4.  RE: Chat protocols

    Posted 11-28-2022 12:27

    Genesys Cloud CX questions are best asked on this forum:

    However, yes Genesys Cloud CX support integration to 3rd party chat vendors.  The most common integration point is the Open Messaging API: which uses Webhooks.  Alternatively they would use our Web Messaging API: which uses Websockets and APIs.

    Jim Crespino
    Senior Director, Developer Evangelism

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