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  • This week, Matt is joined by a team of Principal PS Consultants and long-time viewers may just recognize a familiar face. With Matt, the Joes add their insight to some tough questions in the community as we bring an end to the 2021 season. Questions ...

  • Hi I am in phase of doing network readiness assessment using the below link. Genesys Cloud Network Readiness Assessment Tool ( When using the below link, the BCS client starts for the network readiness assessment. The communication ...

  • Thanks Vaun - YES, both Call Centers still show up in that section of setup - it's only missing in the Managed Package configure setting. ------------------------------ Rick Heron Western Health Advantage ------------------------------

  • Hi Rick Do they both show up if you browse to the Call Centers section under setup? ------------------------------ Vaun McCarthy ------------------------------

  • Has anyone had experience with one of the Call Center configuration options disappearing in Salesforce setup?  The first image below is what the normal view has looked like during our implementation.  All of a sudden today, the "choose a call center" ...

  • Hi Robert, I would love to see more details on how to set this up. Nested Groups is not working for me and I cannot seem to make the timeout in architect work to send to voicemail after a transfer to a group doesn't pick up. I would like to have an unanswered ...

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    RE: Callback Customer

    Hello @Quishara Benson , I hope you can find fellow community members to connect with. Until then, your question was answered on the Episode 23 of the Q&A Show . Hope you enjoy the episode. Also, if you are interested in meeting some community members, ...

  • Hey @Bryan De La Cruz It's been a while since I've gotten to say this, but your question was answered on the Episode 23 of the Q&A Show . Hope you enjoy the episode. Cheers, Matt​ ------------------------------ Matt Lawson Genesys - Employees ...

  • Hey @David Sullivan , Happy Holidays! Your question was answered on the Episode 23 of the Q&A Show . Hope you enjoy the episode.​ Cheers, Matt ------------------------------ Matt Lawson Genesys - Employees Online Community Manager -------- ...

  • Hello, Mark. Would it be possible to share your region and a few interaction ids that are having issues with schedules. We recently had a Java update in the schedules area where we were having issues evaluating schedules in the America/Sao_Paulo timezone. ...

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