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  • Help us provide you with better relevant information where you need it most: Please take the short survey #Unsure/Other ------------------------------ Laurie Union Genesys - Employees ----------------------- ...

  • In this new episode of the Q&A Show, we talk with some experts, @Sean Rooney and @Mike Ray , about Agent Assist and why Genesys' version really stands out. Then, @Jane Hendricks teases a new DX Beta that is hot off the press. Finally Nicole, the ...

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  • The latest app version (including the fix I'm thinking of) is 5.10.0. It is already in a staged rollout to the App Store and should be available in all supported regions within a week. ------------------------------ Christopher Rumpf Genesys - Employees ...

  • Sorry, I think I might have mis-conveyed something. These are all outbound calls. This is for outbound 911 calls, IE, calls made from our workers to contact 911 in the event of an emergency.  Best article I can provide to express Intent, is probably ...

  • Hi Phillip, I will share my experience, it is not much really, we enable a WhatsApp in our organization just to test a simple bot flow (100% using Genesys Cloud native tools). So far, with WhatsApp you coud offer a menu to the customer then route the ...

  • Same issue. We are on EUW1 ------------------------------ Dewald Smit Altron Systems Integration a Division of Altron TMT (Pty) Ltd ------------------------------

  • We want to be able to discern what client an agent used when processing an interaction - either Purecloud or desktop. #Reporting/Analytics ------------------------------ Donald McClendon State of Florida - Department of Economic Opportunity ----- ...

  • Hi Amber, External Metrics feature enables you to bring in metric data from third party platforms and make it part of gamified scorecards/leaderboards.  We fully empathize and understand that Evaluation Metric is one of the very important metrics for ...

  • Hello Jarvish, Unless you explicitly requested access to the Beta, you cannot use the feature just yet. To request access to Cards Beta​ you can reach out to your local Genesys representative, to then reach out to myself and @Katie Ritz ​ ------------------------------ ...

  • Hi, any advice ?  regards ! ------------------------------ Agustín Gomes PlusNet Solutions, S.L. ------------------------------

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