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  • Next week, I'll be recording a Q&A Show Episode dedicated to Genesys Cloud's Web Messaging with Angelo, Director, Product Management, you can find a quick video below. On the show, we'll get a more thorough overview and have the chance to answer your ...

  • Hey Cloud Community members! How has your #WEMay been going? We hope everything is awesome ! But just because everything could be a little bit awesomer… I'm here to let you know all about our next wave of Genesys Cloud WEM Demos ! Missed the ...

  • Hello Community, I was wondering if there is a way to pass the transcription of a conversation with a voicebot (in our case based on Google Dialogflow CX) to an agent, when you're transferring the call from voicebot. Is this an use case already managed ...

  • Hi, I am getting could not save error while trying to integrate facebook messenger in Genesys cloud. PFB error screenshot: #DigitalChannels #Implementation #Integrations #PlatformAdministration #Unsure/Other ------------------------------ ...

  • Hi Genesys Community!   As part of our goal to make user activity and availability within the platform, we're working on updates to the Activity Indicators within Genesys Cloud. Activity Indicators are the user interface elements that represent ...

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  • Thanks, Jason! I wasn't aware of this button - that's really handy. We've been going back out of the flow and into the dependency search, so this will definitely save us a couple of clicks in the future.  Somewhat related, I found this enhancement request ...

  • GM Daniel- The partial results happens on the export of the Views where the full Conversations/Interactions in the given timeframe have not completed resolved yet, thus meaning updates can be expected to calculated values due to these interactions still ...

  • Hi Trisha, We have a similar request. Can you share the process if you were able to complete this requirement? ------------------------------ Nivedha Kalathi Connex Telecommunications ------------------------------

  • Hello, your help please I have 20 Edges, 10 have an external trunk 1 configured, the other 10 have an external trunk 2 configured, the 20 edges are in the same headquarters and same group of Edges. External trunks go to an SBC. I turn on the campaign, ...

  • Good day.  Any ETA on the re-release of this? ------------------------------ Brock Stai Avtex Solutions, LLC ------------------------------

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