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  • We're back! The Q&A Show is scheduled for a return in February! To get started, we have a brand-new guest talking about Genesys Cloud CX's brand new Co-Browsing solution . What is co-browse? Glad you asked! Co-browse allows agents to better ...

  • Hello fellow Genesys Cloud CX community , please help me get some inputs about how familiarized are you about Genesys Cloud Predictive Routing posted in the 'Polls' section. There is a lot of improvements/happening and we would like the best way to ...

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  • Hi Marcello,  Re: transferring to a queue with whisper after initial inbound flow, I ran a quick test and my whisper played as configured.  Can you run a quick test as well and let me know if you are seeing different results? Thanks! Zach ------------------------------ ...

  • Hello,  My company went live on Genesis back in December. At the time our Collection system wasn't ready for API implementation. We are now ready to proceed but we were unhappy with the Vendor that did our initial Setup. I'm looking for recommendations ...

  • Richard, I understand that Voice Call survey has been requested and on the board for a long time..  I wonder when will this be enabled on GC..  We have this feature available on Genesys Engage Prem, and out business partners have been asking for this ...

  • Going to second the data table idea as we use it quite successfully for the same purpose you've described.  You can grant access by division to data tables as well, so you could potentially expose just the one to allow the desk to control it if desired. ...

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    RE: After Call Work

    We are hoping to deliver this to production this quarter, Shalom.  End of February is our current target. ------------------------------ Chris Bohlin Product Manager - PureCloud ------------------------------

  • Hi Philip, Thank you much. This is very helpful. ------------------------------ Matthew Raleigh Thermo Fischer CRG Sr. IT COMM Eng. ------------------------------

  • Hi Brian  Thank you  Regards Brendan ------------------------------ Brendan Binns Business Connexion (Pty) Ltd ------------------------------

  • Hi, We have an email interaction whose screen recording got halted abruptly just before the wrap up part. We do have the record wrap up part set up in the recording policy of the queue of that interaction. Could anyone help to understand the reason ...

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