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  Let Me Pick Your Brain: Interaction and Screen Recording

WEM PM Expert Daniel Ho, gives us a look into Interaction recording, Screen recording and Access control for recording segments and the new features available in Genesys Cloud CX.

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  • Hey Everyone, The Q&A Show will be coming out of its holiday hibernation, and we've got a hot episode on our hands. All I need to know is what questions do you have about EWT Calculations? Our season premier's topic was handpicked by @Anton Vroon ...

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  • Hi Genesys Community,   We've created a new community forum specifically for our newly launched beta solution for RAY BAUM's Act compliance. RAY BAUM's Act, Section 506, is an FCC ruling that requires 'dispatchable location' is conveyed with 911 ...

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  • Hello, Depending on the flow type (Email/Voice etc.) and depending on what you're testing, you can use flow actions to "playback" the data you're testing. For example, I add email auto-responses or TTS audio actions to let me know where I'm at in the ...

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  • Hi Vladimir What do you mean here by extract?  You can get the notes from the API: /api/v2/conversations/{conversationId} among the results on each conversation will be this: ... "wrapup": { "code": "XXX", "name": "XXX", "notes": "NOTES WOULD BE ...

  • Hi Greg My company is also very interested in timing and well as pricing.  Hybrid would allow us to move to a fully work from home model and not renew some of our leases for office space. Can you give us any indication on when we will have additional ...

  • Hi everyone, I have a question regarding Zendesk/Genesys Cloud. Is it possible to route web chat interactions from Zendesk into Genesys Cloud? The scenario would be: - Customer starts chat on company website. -  The chat would usually be delivered ...

  • Hi Warren, Sorry just seeing this now. No nothing as of yet, although not an urgent query anymore. Thanks Daniel ------------------------------ Daniel ------------------------------

  • According to Resource Center it is possible to leave interaction notes (here: ), but i couldn't find anything about how to extract the entered notes in detail.  The only option i ...

  • Hi, I've just taken over an Genesys Pure-cloud instance and thought I would slowly work through the Get Started With Architect Tutorial to get my feet wet a bit. Lesson 3: Create reusable tasks for lost and found pets has a requirement to add a Data ...

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