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  • Pull up a cold drink and your favorite sandwich for this month's episode, because it is our largest episode to date and loaded with great content. Get a demonstration of the soon-to-be-released Hybrid Media Orgs Functionality and join Above Average Joe ...

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  • Hello, Genesys Cloud Community members! Just wanted to jump in here quickly to let you know... #WEMay is coming! If you're not familiar, WEMay is the WEM Community 's annual celebration of all things #WorkforceManagement   and   #WorkforceEngagementManagement ...

  • Hey all, We've got a customer who uses Jabra Engage 75 (and extensions) with Cloud. This customer has agents that hot desk so will take their headsets with them. We have a situation where agents are setting up audio profile on PC A and when they take ...

  • Depending on what you're actually trying to achieve you could just use that SIP URI option - but you should check with your carrier first that it would be supported. ------------------------------ Vaun McCarthy ------------------------------

  • Popping out the softphone from the utility bar certainly does create some odd behaviors, in part because you've now created a separate browser window, and there are limitations on what can be done within the browser to direct focus.  Additionally, Salesforce ...

  • Sana, We have our supervisor's run through these items listed in Genesys Tech pub: We also have them try simple things like ensuring the headset firmware has the latest drivers, trying an alternative ...

  • Melissa,  Want to thank you for helping with this. It works great after changing the table as you mentioned. Appreciate it! ------------------------------ Bill Iseminger VMS BioMarketing - CaaS ------------------------------

  • We recently launched an open order tracker search for customers. We point customers to this in our chat bot and have a chat widget that does the same. We want to put in a customized chat link that will point customers to a chat queue if they have questions ...

  • Hi All,  Is there a way to allow a user to turn a campaign on/off without allowing them to alter the campaign? Also what's the point having to allow the user to alter the campaign but being able to restrict the creation/deletion of campaigns? Seems like ...

  • Hi Jim, Thanks for the quick reply! ------------------------------ Chris Martin CCS Medical ------------------------------

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