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  • We're so excited about this new Q&A Show , which is chock-full of WEM content to celebrate the WEMay event that's happening in the WEM community! We've got two great demos from experts @Pascal Leclerc and @Mark Fagus going over Evaluation Assistance ...

  • We didn't need to go too far down the rabbit hole to find this epic rockstar. This headliner has topped the Genesys community since 2003! Yep, you read that right – this inductee's first post in the community was twenty years ago. While there are ...

  • Yes of course In the simplest form it would look something like With that expression looking like: The update Data could be that table lookup, or a reusable task that does the table lookup. Personally I would have a lookup to get the name ...

  • I am experiencing the same issue. Based on my analysis, it's the recording issue, not playback. Per the discussion I had with one of the engineer, the individual told me I need to restart my windows service. That said, I am not able to locate any windows ...

  • At the beginning of the month, the Recycle Campaign for Time Zone mapping idea was released by Genesys ( OTB-I-352 ). I've reviewed the resource center page below but find that it is somewhat lacking in how exactly this works. ...

  • Hello, We have SalesForce integrated with Genesys CX and our agents use the Genesys embedded client to manage calls in SalesForce. I have a script built out that is accessable in the embedded client and is presented on an incoming or outgoing call. ...

  • Thank you @Aaron Brown ------------------------------ Vincent Sabolboro ATB Financial ------------------------------

  • @David Van Milligan Do you know when we can enable this feature for CAC1 region? ------------------------------ Vincent Sabolboro ATB Financial ------------------------------

  • Are you transferring to defined External Contacts, or are you using free-form numbers? If you open up an External Contact, you can see interactions involving that Contact, which may be some of what you need. (It doesn't, unfortunately, analyze by queue...) ...

  • Our use case is very different from nearly all Genesys users. We are a completely anonymous crisis hotline and each interaction is a completely separate and unique event. As such, we already have an custom solution built by our telecom carrier to strip ...

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