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  • Looking to improve employee engagement and performance? Did you know all Genesys Cloud CX 3 licenses include embedded gamification for performance management?    For those already leveraging gamification, the newest release gives contact centers more ...

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  • This week, Matt is joined by a team of Principal PS Consultants and long-time viewers may just recognize a familiar face. With Matt, the Joes add their insight to some tough questions in the community as we bring an end to the 2021 season. Questions ...

  • Documentation can have bugs too... I have asked the Product Manager and lead engineer to work with doc on an update. 0 does not mean unlimited. I interpret Gaelyn's ask about not waitlisting when time-off limit hours is 0 and instead outright prevent/reject ...

  • According to this, 0 turns off limits.   Note : Setting the limit to zero (0) removes the limit from the selected dates. Am I reading that wrong? ------------------------------ ...

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    RE: Time Off Limits

    If the plan is set to count against time-off limit and the auto approval rule is set to according to time-off limit, then a day with 0 time-off limit hours will mean any requests for that day will be waitlisted (it will not be auto approved). If you ...

  • I don't know a single company that would want unlimited time off to be automatically approved so the zero should indicate no hours allowed for that day. At present, zero means any number of hours could be used, according to documentation. ------------------------------ ...

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    RE: Time Off Limits

    Hi @Robert Wakefield-Carl and @Gaelyn Wanek ​ Robert, thanks for the idea submission. Ultimately a Product Management task to accept and prioritize, but thought I would ask a follow up here. What if we added the following options to each time-off ...

  • The Language skill can be ignored by setting it to Literal, choosing English then assign English to EVERYONE so that it will not really look at the language when routing since everyone will be eligible. ------------------------------ Robert Wakefield-Carl ...

  • It's just what my requirement is. They want the language as part of the skill name, as described. And they do not want to assign Language skills to each agent. ------------------------------ kellyn DuBois Lumen ------------------------------

  • If you are looking for automation/self-service through data actions, you can do that without the client.  You can use Genesys Cloud for Chrome as a floating toolbar alongside SAP and allow click-to-call by selecting then right-mouse and Make call.  As ...

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