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  • Hey Cloud Community members! How has your #WEMay been going? We hope everything is awesome ! But just because everything could be a little bit awesomer… I'm here to let you know all about our next wave of Genesys Cloud WEM Demos ! Missed the ...

  • Pull up a cold drink and your favorite sandwich for this month's episode, because it is our largest episode to date and loaded with great content. Get a demonstration of the soon-to-be-released Hybrid Media Orgs Functionality and join Above Average Joe ...

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    System Away, Idle

    In the User Status Detail Report, "System Away - Idle" can someone confirm if this status code a non productive status ? I'm reading different things that doesn't pertain to system away. #Reporting/Analytics ------------------------------ James Whitfield ...

  • Jane the course link just takes me to another chat thread, do you have the actual link? Thanks ------------------------------ Tarquin Bell Precision Administration Services (Pty) Ltd ------------------------------

  • All the other tabs have a save option except the My Schedule Tab. It seems intentional but I can't find anything to confirm or find the reason why. ------------------------------ Timothy Eastman Victory Capital ------------------------------

  • Hi @Lubos Koprda Do we need to do the ​HTTP Proxy or something similar if we are running on Genesys Voice with Proxy similar to zscaler ? ------------------------------ Vincent Sabolboro ATB Financial ------------------------------

  • Thanks so much.  This is exactly what I needed.   For all those coming after and viewing this.  I set the Play Audio block as a Data sequence, set to the Task listed in the Find User Prompt block.  In this case "Task.emergencyPrompt". One thing to note ...

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  • Detailed problem description: - Timeline shows 2 calls have entered from same ANI - Timeline shows 2 IVR channels was utilized - Timeline shows 2 ACD interact - Timeline shows 2 Agents answered the call with a slight time difference - Timeline shows ...

  • We're still seeing this issue on a small handful of new systems and it is only occuring when an agent has an email interaction they are working on and a voice interactions is delivered to them while using the Genesys Desktop App.  For those having the ...

  • I think this is exactly what i was looking for!  Thanks very much Anton! ------------------------------ Elliott Chambers Tokio Marine&Nichido Fire Insurance ------------------------------

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