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Were we able to Stump George?

Ask Him Your Questions At Xperience

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  • Caught these community legends talking Genesys, community, and life in general. George and I are in the expo hall near the escape room. And I'm sure you can find Robert all over the conference. I know we would all love to say "hi!" if you are ...

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  • In this episode of the Genesys Cloud Community Q&A Show, we ask several questions to Senior Pro Consultant, @George Ganahl , and try to stump him in the process! Does he have answers to "first contact resolutions" or "roles for inactive users"? How about ...

  • Hello Community! We're excited to announce the launch of our " Your Voice, Your GKN: Share and Win! " contest, exclusively for community members like you! This is your chance to showcase how the Genesys Knowledge Network (GKN) has positively ...

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  • Thank you for posting this, Joel. We will be integrating email soon and had wondered about this very thing. Tagging @Rechelle McConnell @Christle Miclat to keep eyes on for workarounds until the update. ------------------------------ Rich Miller ...

  • That is correct. It will apply to ALL interaction data. As mentioned several years ago this was being maintained indefinitely. We addressed this with an enhancement allow you to specify TTL on the interaction data. Participant data is a subset of this. ...

  • Hi All, We've been trying to send Outbound WhatsApp message with the Message Template but it's not working. This template has been approved by Meta and we tried different version of message in two different Spanish versions. Please see image below ...

  • What happens to a ACD voicemail when no agent picks up? I tested sending a call to a ACD voicemail with no agent on queue and I cannot locate that interaction. #SystemAdministration #Unsure/Other ------------------------------ Qan T Vibrant ...

  • Same question for me. Looking at , they give an example to populate the "Knowledge article" value, as they loop through Flow.searchResults wich is an array of KnowledgeBaseDocument. ...

  • Ty Robert. ------------------------------ Qan T Vibrant Emotional Health ------------------------------

  • All - latest update: we have passed release gate, and planning to deploy this feature again across all regions next week starting from Monday 27th. ------------------------------ Angelo Cicchitto Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

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