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  Let Me Pick Your Brain: Interaction and Screen Recording

WEM PM Expert Daniel Ho, gives us a look into Interaction recording, Screen recording and Access control for recording segments and the new features available in Genesys Cloud CX.

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  • How's it going, Genesys Cloud CX Community?     Our community is about to reach  3K members , and we're getting ready to celebrate!    Can you guess which day we'll reach this milestone? Our community is growing so fast!     Put your ...

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  • We've had users start to be impacted by this a week ago.  Hopefully, Genesys come up with a solution soon. ------------------------------ Braiden Woodward Foehn Ltd. ------------------------------

  • Hi, We are using Siebel URL based integration. Whenever a call comes in and reach the agent, siebel URL should open up with the customer details. We are able to achieve this. The ask of client is to refresh the same tab of browser whenever Scripter.OpenURL ...

  • To do that, you would have to have a data action at the beginning of the in-queue flow to read some predefined attribute or the number of queue segments and to get highest priority in the queue and set the priority higher than that.  Better use a common ...

  • Hi Ricky, The scenario is where the transferring party (Agent 1) consult transfers the client call to an escalation queue OR direct to Genesys Agent 2. The transferring party used to see a second call tile displayed where they could see the name of the ...

  • 8th of April for me ------------------------------ Nathan Kaden CALLSCAN AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD. ------------------------------

  • Hi Emily and others, I used a different method to clean up the ANI, this is more reliable as it also accounts for an anonymous or NOTSET/Empty Call.ANI, and can strips the Sip: or Tel: and/or the "+" if carriers are sending E.164 numbers, you can also ...

  • The main use case I can see us quickly adopting is transfers. We use Agent scripts currently to transfer calls so calls go to a flow and we assign priority there, so that transferred customers don't go to the back of the queue. However some staff still ...

  • That depends on what fails.  If two-way audio is an issue, them opening the /20 range to the RTP ports should be enough.  If registration fails, then opening to the region of your ORG should be enough.  Where is the failure? ------------------------------ ...

  • Hello Robert, hope you are well. In this case WebRTC is blocked (diagnostics fail), client does IP whitelisting on their firewall outbound and their network team have questioned having to whitelist all AWS IP addresses in region... ------------------------------ ...

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