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  • 1.  Coming Soon: New GPE Outcome Configuration UI

    Posted 08-30-2022 06:25
    Hi Genesys Community,

    As part of an effort to introduce value tracking alongside outcome achievements, we have upgraded the outcome configuration UI in the Predictive Engagement admin to align with current UI guidelines. 

    The changes include new components for a better user experience and an amended layout to improve the flow when configuring an outcome. Also included is the new feature, which will allow you to associate a value with an outcome achievement. The sum of this value will then be surfaced in Predictive Engagement reporting alongside the outcome achievement count. 

    Current Outcome Configuration UI:

    New Outcome Configuration UI:

    This is an GPE admin only change. There is no impact to agent facing views. 

    Expect the changes in September 2022. 

    Look forward to your feedback on the changes and new functionality.

    #GPE #PredictiveEngagement #Outcomes


    Cillian Day
    Genesys - Employees
    Senior Product Manager - Predictive Engagement


  • 2.  RE: Coming Soon: New GPE Outcome Configuration UI

    Posted 09-02-2022 17:10
    Thanks, Cillian!

    George Ganahl GCP (Genesys Cloud), ICCE
    Principal PS Consultant

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