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Dialogflow CX integration with genesys (adding Carousels)

  • 1.  Dialogflow CX integration with genesys (adding Carousels)

    Posted 01-27-2023 05:18
    Hi , 
    We are doing dialogflow CX integration with Genesys. We are able to generate genesys Carousels/quick replies when we use below format in dialogflow cx console under custom payload,
    as mentioned in the genesys docs.
    "genesys_quick_replies": [
    "payload": "This Week",
    "text": "This Week"
    "payload": "Next Week",
    "text": "Next Week"
    "text": "Any Other",
    "payload": "Any Other"

    Here we need to send Caurosels/quick replies from webhook google cloud function for dynamic responses.
    We are invoking API at google cloud function(already integrated as webhook to dialogflow cx bot) and receiving array of results as responses, we need to send those responses as a quick replies in genesys integration.
    Please suggest us how can we achieve this?

    Gaurav Kishore
    Genesys - Employees

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