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  • 1.  Email | Messenger Community

    Posted 04-02-2024 14:33

    If we wanted to join the community of users that transitioned from Bold360 to Genesys, what is that now?

    We used to have the ability to search by key words and subject line in Bold360,  we have figured out how to add the column headings  and filter for subject, however, it doesn't allow you to enter in second level search feature for the subject line.  Any ideas?

    Amanda Ballard
    Workwear Outfitters, LLC

  • 2.  RE: Email | Messenger Community

    Posted 04-11-2024 09:53

    Hi Amanda,

    You're best posting your question in the Genesys Cloud community. You can join it here.


    Amanda Halpin

    Amanda Halpin
    Condodo Group

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