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  • 1.  Email Threading - Ways around it?

    Posted 11-21-2023 02:25

    Hi all,

    Regarding Email threading are there any solutions or ways around preventing this from happening?  I haven't found any known solutions here that can bypass it from working.  Our organisation receives a lot of emails regarding bookings for clients and external businesses who contact us reuse their email templates in a way that causes them to thread.  This causes headaches for staff on the queue as they then need to start creating separate emails to respond to the threaded emails. It also increases the risk of us potentially missing emails because of this.  

    Does anyone have any solutions to preventing threading from occurring, or are there any practices that you can recommend that might make this easier for staff to manage?  Does Genesys have a way to disable it for an individual org?  The feature has no positive use cases for us, it only causes problems.



    Robert Niblock

  • 2.  RE: Email Threading - Ways around it?

    Top 25 Contributor
    Posted 11-22-2023 01:50

    Hi Robert,

    Unfortunately there's not much available to stop threading at the moment - you are at the mercy of the sending party to create a brand new email every time to guarantee a new interaction.

    Most of our issues occur from customers using a reply/forward of an email they've previously written as a sudo template (i.e. update some of the body content and subject, remove the Re: or Fw:, then send the email) - we often get emails with 10-20 threads happening on a single interaction - which skews reporting, forecasting and blows out handling time.

    The only currently technical option that slightly helps is the new(ish) "Route Email to multiple destinations" org setting and turning this on. At least emails with multiple email addresses for different queues (i.e. one for sales, one for support) will now generate separate interactions (rather than choosing only one queue/flow at random and threading the rest).

    There are ideas to be able to control threading (see that's in development - but currently no details on exactly how it'll work or whether it'll solve our problems.

    Hope that helps somewhat.


  • 3.  RE: Email Threading - Ways around it?

    Posted 11-22-2023 13:40
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    Hi Robert,

    I recommend you check-out the Eccentex ServiceJourney app for Genesys Cloud, which provides a lot of email-specific enhancements to Genesys. It can be configured to thread, not-thread, or do a custom calculation of when to do it. Plus it has a lot of content analysis and supervisor tools to make it easy to manage. 

    You can request a quick demo here:

    There is also a webinar on this topic next week:

    Maksim Gill
    Eccentex (Advanced Case and Email Management Platform for Genesys)

  • 4.  RE: Email Threading - Ways around it?

    Posted 11-23-2023 08:31

    Hi Robert, 

    We have a feature that will likely be released in Q1 that will allow you to completely disable threading or shorten the threading window (default is currently 30 days from the most recent interaction). We are most of the way through development now. 



    Jody Nabuurs
    Genesys - Employees

  • 5.  RE: Email Threading - Ways around it?

    Posted 11-26-2023 22:08

    That's fantastic news @Jody Nabuurs, looking forward to the feature release! Hope all goes well with the remainder of the development work :D

    Robert Niblock

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