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  • 1.  Exam Rules - Open book? Notes?

    Posted 11-29-2022 13:09
    I'm having a very difficult time finding any information outside of posts for what is or is not allowed to be used during the Exams. I am preparing to sign up for the Implementation exam, however where in the actual training site or data is there a list of what you may use during the exam? Open book is referenced in this community, but i cannot find verification of that. Open book as in the ebook from the course? Open book as in my own notes?

    I am also only able to find a very short prep cbt that has only a few questions. Is there another cbt for practice?

    Sarah Johnston
    ComPsych Corporation

  • 2.  RE: Exam Rules - Open book? Notes?

    Posted 11-30-2022 05:27
    For all 3 exams i sat in the past year or so (GCP-GC-IMP, REP and ADM) they were all done at a testing centre. All that was allowed in the exam room was a glass of water which they supplied, a pencil and couple of pieces of paper (again they supplied) and that was it (CLOSED BOOK) You get to read the initial screen and click when you are ready to begin exam. I ticked a box for each question i wasnt sure about - to come back to later, anything else i left blank meaning i was happy with my answer. I recommend going through all questions twice even if you are confident of the answer. All my personal items were stored in a locker near the test room. There are quite a few websites that allow free test questions for all 3 exams. Search for GCP-GC-IMP Tests or prep or pdf in a browser. I also purchased a test exam to be sure i was getting well above the required marks. To be honest many of the free site exam questions and even purchased prep exams i got had wrong answers in them so be careful to check back against the GCloud resource help site for correct answers. Check out quizlet /  examtopics / braindump and of course the study guide by Genesys has 8 questions and answer  Genesys Cloud Certified Professional - Implementation Study Guide - Overview | Rise 360 (articulate.com) or their study guides  https://beyond.genesys.com/explore/certification/cloud#GCPGC   :)

    Simon Mckenzie
    Farmers Mutual Group

  • 3.  RE: Exam Rules - Open book? Notes?

    Posted 11-30-2022 09:11
    Hi Sarah,

    The following should answer all your questions regarding exam policies: https://beyond.genesys.com/explore/certification/taking-a-certification-exam#KOR

    Note near the bottom of the page(just above the Rescheduling an Exam section) it states: 

    "Note: No test aids, including access to help.genesys.com, are permitted in Genesys exams."
         This includes No books, Notes, or access to the eBook

    Hope this helps

    Pete Schroeder
    HMC3 LLC
    Senior Contact Center Engineer (Technical Lead)

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