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Feature Release - Improvements to Agent/Queue/Flow Topic views

  • 1.  Feature Release - Improvements to Agent/Queue/Flow Topic views

    Posted 11-29-2023 11:18

    Hi everyone

    Today we're excited to be releasing some improvements to the Agent/Queue/Flow Topic views

    You'll now be able to select a Topic column header, as you can with other columns, to see a distribution of the Topic across the timeframe selected:

    This feature will allow you to understand where any spikes in volume for a given Topic are, so you can target key dates as appropriate.
    Additionally, it's now possible to hover over both the column header or the Topic name listed in the 'Add column' menu, to get a better understanding of what the Topic is, including its description and the participant it relates to:
    This feature helps better understand what a Topic is showing, opening up the data insights to help make them even more meaningful to end users.
    These features will be rolled out throughout this week, becoming globally available by end of day Friday December 1st


    Andy Boland
    Genesys - Employees

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