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Genesys Cloud CX Release Notes - April 8 2024

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  • 1.  Genesys Cloud CX Release Notes - April 8 2024

    Posted 04-08-2024 10:03
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    Outbound WhatsApp message on behalf of a queue

    Agents can now start new conversations or continue existing conversations with a WhatsApp contact by sending pre-approved, outbound WhatsApp template messages on behalf of a queue. This feature is not available in Genesys Cloud embedded clients.

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    File attachments via supported content profile

    Agents and users can now send any file type that is supported by Messenger configuration's supported content profile definition. Some file formats (image, audio, video, and pdf) are also displayed inline within Messenger.

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    Edit and rerun scheduled exports

    Administrators and supervisors can now attempt export retries directly from the inbox panel and also leverage enhanced schedule export capabilities. These new features allow administrators and supervisors to add static links; edit the schedule run times; and start off-schedule, ad hoc export runs for improved flexibility and control.

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    Export panel enhancements

    Genesys Cloud enhanced the general usability of the export panel to increase customer engagement, retention, workspace adoption, and customer satisfaction. This feature enables administrators and supervisors to format export duration columns using seconds or H:M:S as one of the time values. Previously, administrators and supervisors could only use HH:MM:SS or milliseconds to format the duration columns.

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    Improved native voice transcription accuracy for Spanish dialects

    Genesys Cloud improved native voice transcription accuracy for Spanish Spain (es-ES) and Spanish United States and Latin America (es-US).

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    Push notifications on Collaborate for iOS regardless of presence or status

    Users can now select to receive push notifications on Collaborate for iOS regardless of their presence or status. This feature ensures that Collaborate users constantly receive notifications, instead of only when Collaborate is active on their device.

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    Introducing the Nuance Recognizer as a Service integration

    Genesys Cloud customers can now capture and interpret information using automated speech recognition (ASR) in transactional IVR applications. Because these applications demand multi-digit or numeric input, and in response to the increasing use of hands-free environments by callers, ASR support is crucial for improved customer experiences. By integrating ASR support and bot capabilities, along with the option to reuse customized and fine-tuned grammars from past implementations, customers gain the ability to develop a wider range of voice applications.

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    Improved flow size indicator in Architect

    Genesys Cloud improved the flow size indicator in Architect to help flow authors keep better track of flow size. This improvement enhances the ability of flow authors to optimize their flow size during design time and ensures that flows do not reach the maximum size, for example, by modularizing their flows at an early design stage. The flow size indicator now displays the percentage that the flow utilizes of the maximum size that Architect allows and is visible at all times.

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    Introducing the Audio Connector integration

    Administrators and contact center managers can now use the Audio Connector to stream conversation audio to third-party services and back. Audio Connector enables partners and customers to extend the open Genesys Cloud platform with their own voice-based services and meet bi-directional audio streaming needs such as serving voice bots and performing active voice biometrics.

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    Deprecation - Mobile Messenger SDK for React Native apps

    On July 8, 2024, Genesys will end support for the Mobile Messenger SDK wrapper for React Native applications and will remove access to all React Native repositories.

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    Deprecation - Native X (formerly Twitter) third-party direct messaging channel

    On April 11, 2024, Genesys will end support for the native X (formerly Twitter) third-party messaging channel, with no customer impact. At a later date, Genesys will release a new native X integration. Organizations that need X direct messaging before Genesys launches the new offer should see the Read more articles in the Additional details section.

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