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Genesys Cloud Release Notes | March 11 2024

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  • 1.  Genesys Cloud Release Notes | March 11 2024

    Posted 03-12-2024 10:00
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    Automated time-off approval for grouped agents

    Administrators can now group agents into smaller groups. This feature allows for the automatic approval of time-off requests based on the configured time-off limits for the staffing groups.

    Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows and Genesys Digital Bot Flows Catalan language support

    Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows and Genesys Digital Bot Flows are now available for Catalan Spain (ca-ES).

    Genesys Agent Assist knowledge article feedback

    Agents can now provide detailed feedback for the knowledge articles that Genesys Agent Assist presents to them. Based on the improved agent feedback, administrators can gain valuable insights into potential gaps in the knowledge base and better resolve issues related to customer and agent queries.

    Additional details

    Public APIs for Collaborate chat room management and chat messages

    Genesys Cloud Public API now has REST endpoints to create, update, and view Collaborate chat messages and chat rooms. This feature enables developers and administrators the ability to integrate Collaborate messages and Collaborate chat into your business workflows.

    Remove users from Collaborate chat rooms

    Administrators can now remove users from chat rooms if the users belong to a group that the administrators own. After removal, users cannot see the chat group or access messages from the chat group. This feature enables administrators to manage the chat room content and audiences. 

    Improved native voice transcription accuracy for Italian

    Genesys Cloud improved native voice transcription accuracy for Italian (it-IT).

    Skills-based dialing for Preview and Progressive campaigns

    Administrators can now assign an agent to outbound records that require a specific skill, or set of skills. Skills-based dialing is available for Preview and Progressive outbound campaigns.

    Configure labels to manage interactions

    Administrators can now create and add labels to interactions for improved management and control over routing and agent utilization. These labels provide organizations with enhanced control over how interactions are managed at both the organization and agent level. Also, flow authors can use Architect's Find Utilization Label, Set Utilization Label, and Clear Utilization Label actions to add or remove labels from interactions. Developers can now use an improved estimated wait time that includes utilization label data in its calculations.

    Genesys Cloud Voice in Italy

    Genesys Cloud Voice numbers are now available in Italy. Organizations can also purchase DID and toll-free numbers for Italy from the US, Canada, LATAM, and EMEA GCV regions.

    Refreshed Predictive Engagement user interface

    The refreshed Predictive Engagement user interface offers new color schemes and table layouts to enhance the user experience. This feature does not change existing functionality or navigation.

    Deprecation: Outbound Search Audits view

    On March 11, 2024, Genesys removed the Outbound Audits view, an independent Audit view for Outbound events. 

    Deprecation: Native X (formerly Twitter) third-party direct messaging channel

    On April 11, 2024, Genesys will discontinue support for our native X (formerly Twitter) third-party messaging channel. Genesys will release a new native X integration in the future. No customer impact is expected with this deprecation. If you need X direct messaging before our new offering is launched, see the Read more articles in the Additional details section.



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