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  • 1.  Genesys Cloud Voice | Poor call quality on external transfers from the IVR...

    Posted 06-29-2022 10:04
    To set the stage, inbound audio within Genesys Cloud has been fine so far (yay). Outbound audio, particularly for external transfers from our inbound IVR flow is another story though. The premise here is simple:

    • We dial a Genesys Cloud purchased DID directly that hits an inbound flow with menu options, some of which externally transfer. Keep in mind it doesn't matter if the IVR is externally transferring the inbound call to a cell phone, office phone, etc. It's just a simple external transfer.
    • Intermittently throughout the day, every day, we receive reports from the party who receives said external transfer from the IVR that the call quality is poor (audio delays, choppy, muffled, low volume, no volume, name it, we've now heard it.)
    • We look at the MOS for each leg of the call and Genesys reports the score back between 4 & 5, every time.
    • When you listen to the call recording before it externally transfers (because we are not recording the external transfer portion of the call), everything sounds decent.
    • We have had an open Genesys Support Case for over a month and the response we've received to date is they are not seeing or hearing any call quality issues.
    • We will be enabling the media captures again in hopes that sheds some light, but are not holding our breath in light of the near perfect MOS rating and we've been down this road in the past.
    So to my fellow Genesys Cloud Voice users: all your peer is looking for is clear input, guidance, or just a plain "Amen" that we're not the only Genesys Cloud Voice customer experiencing poor call quality on external transfers from our inbound IVR flows. Even a "you should fully expect intermittent poor call quality on external transfers from Genesys Cloud" would be better than the lack of an answer at this point.

    For the record, I do see one other customer reported a similar experience back in 2018, but don't believe they got closure either.


    Brian Jones
    Ascension Health – IS, Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Genesys Cloud Voice | Poor call quality on external transfers from the IVR...

    Posted 07-09-2022 04:38
    Edited by Paulo Mesquita do not use 07-10-2022 01:19
    Hi Brian,

    When you say that a transfer from your IVR to a mobile phone also has quality issues, it makes me think that the problem could be your Genesys Cloud Voice provider.

    The MOS score is not a good reference to investigate this issue.
    You have to coordinate a test call with the party company handling your calls and collect media captures from both ends.

    So, keep working with Genesys/GCV provider and get them to collect the media captures for a test call.
    The party company must contact their SIP provider and collect media captures for the same call.
    Then, they can compare and understand what is causing this issue.

    In the worst scenario, if they cannot find the root cause, you could check with the party company if it is possible to have a direct trunk from your Genesys Cloud Org to their telephony system.

  • 3.  RE: Genesys Cloud Voice | Poor call quality on external transfers from the IVR...

    Posted 07-10-2022 23:00
    Appreciate the response, @Paulo Mesquita do not use. More so now than before, I totally agree regarding the MOS score not being the best reference to investigate this issue--especially after seeing near perfect scores on the GCV side most times.

    Regarding the cell phone part of my comment, we introduced that strictly to see if we could replicate the issue in general, which we could, albeit not as frequently. The majority of these external transfers are back to phones in our healthcare clinics and/or other 3rd party organizations. The feedback from those external parties has consistently been "this was not an issue when calls were being transferred internally from our on-premise Genesys PureConnect instance to them." Right/wrong/indifferent, the fact that it happens in general confirms your/my thought we unfortunately need to go deeper in our investigation, and do so from multiple angles.

    As an update, we have reengaged our our internal network/firewall and telephony teams to trace/capture live test & production calls cradle to grave, and will be escalating our case with Genesys in hopes of doing the same on our GCV trunks. Ideally we want to devote a few hours monitoring/tracing/capturing the same calls by all aforementioned parties concurrently so we can identify the root cause. Coordinating that nowadays (and keeping all parties' attention long enough during the process) tends to be just as hard as identifying the root cause.​

    Brian Jones
    Ascension Health – IS, Inc.