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  • 1.  Genesys Dialogflow Add-on - Quotes and Limits

    Posted 04-19-2024 08:42
    Edited by Maria de los Angeles Paredes Piscione 04-19-2024 08:48

    We have developed a VoiceBot for a client by activating the Google Dialogflow CX Add-On (Genesys Reseller), and all consumption and usage information regarding quotas and limits of our Dialogflow project has disappeared. This information is crucial for monitoring the performance of the VoiceBot we are operating in a Production environment, and we would need to know if there is a possibility of accessing that information from our Google tenant/project. Not having access to this information is a Risk (consumption, quotes and limits), for example, in the case of the VoiceBot exceeds the number of requests limited per Agent in Google Dialogflow CX, this could severely impact the service, potentially resulting in penalties from our client. 

    Thank you!


    Maria de los Angeles Paredes Piscione
    Fonetic Solutions S.L.

  • 2.  RE: Genesys Dialogflow Add-on - Quotes and Limits

    Posted 04-20-2024 18:18

    Genesys monitors and manages quotas on your behalf for this integration. Consumption information is also shown in Genesys Cloud with the native Genesys Cloud usage and billing information.

    Brad Wehmeier
    Lead Software Engineer
    Genesys - Employees

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