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  • 1.  Genesys Tempo for Android

    Posted 02-10-2023 14:16
    Edited by Tracy Vickers 02-22-2023 09:44

    We are updating the login screen for Genesys Tempo on Android. The new and improved login experience will include better password support and an updated authorization authentication. See below for screenshots of the new workflow. This update will not impact those using IOS. 

    To log in to Genesys Tempo for Android, follow these steps:

    From the Regions list, select the region in which your organization was created.

    Tap Choose.

    Note: If you have more than one browser installed, it may ask you to select the browser you want to use.

    Enter your email address and password, and tap Log In. Alternatively, if your administrator enables single sign-on (SSO), click More Login Options, enter your organization name, and authenticate with the identity provider, for example, OneLogin.


    Kylee Kasper, Product Manager
    Genesys - Employees

  • 2.  RE: Genesys Tempo for Android

    Posted 04-21-2023 11:02


    We're encountering some issues in Romania where helpdesk agents depending on which mobile provider they are on (generally the ones that locks the phone to the Romanian market), those are not seeing the Tempo app in the playstore (Android)
    Is it possible to obtain the APK version of it so we can have it installed on those phones as well ?


    Renaud Larcier

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