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  • 1.  How is everyone re-creating Performance Views to provide same output Reports

    Posted 09-14-2023 13:41
    Edited by System 01-26-2024 19:28

    With Reports being deprecated, it is imperative that Performance Views can provide the same output as the Reports including long term analytics.  Essentially, we would like to see the date ranges for Performance Views (including exports) increased to a years time, which would allow us to see trends in the data.

    For example, we have an Agent Login-Logout Details Report which will be deprecated soon. This report meets two main requirements:
    - User(s): Ability to add all Users/Agents (Advanced link) by Group, Role, Reports to, or Location
    - Time Period: Define custom date range (Any range can be specified)
    To our knowledge this specific report cannot be migrated (like for like) to an Agent Status view in the Workspace Performance.

    This seems as though it should be core functionality as we previously had the ability to report on this data.  There is now a large gap in the system where functionality was previously available.

    Has anyone found ways to report on more than 30 days at a time, ultimately requiring the reports to then be combined?  Preferably without a Third Party reporting solution.  We're open to the use of APIs as well, although I've read of some limitations there as well.

    Link to idea post:

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    Jennifer DiCesare
    Esri Canada

  • 2.  RE: How is everyone re-creating Performance Views to provide same output Reports

    Posted 09-22-2023 17:22

    Hi @Jennifer DiCesare, thanks for the feedback.

    Time range limits for exporting data from the views exist to ensure optimal system performance while running these export jobs. We will evaluate the extension of these ranges as part of the idea you logged, but for the immediate need, recurring schedules and then combining the data to get longer term trends is the way to go. Additionally, if you have a BI tool you are already using, you can use static link generation method to ingest data into that tool. Generate static link - Genesys Cloud Resource Center (


    Nikhil Ponnam
    Principal Product Manager, Genesys Cloud CX

  • 3.  RE: How is everyone re-creating Performance Views to provide same output Reports

    Posted 09-25-2023 08:56

    Hi @Nikhil Ponnam,

    Thank you for your prompt response and confirmation. It is unfortunate this is the case as this creates a significant gap in functionality, adds extra overhead, and potentially introduces human error during data compilation. We hope that prioritizing this matter becomes a focal point moving forward, as long-term reporting is a fundamental requirement for all call centers.

    Jennifer DiCesare
    Esri Canada

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