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  • 1.  HRIS Integration Questions

    Posted 10-11-2023 12:17

    We currently do not have the HRIS time off integration (a slated 2024/2025 project for us). For those that also do not have the integration how are you tracking time off from Genesys and your HR system? We are looking to make some changes in the coming year. 

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    Addison Hild

  • 2.  RE: HRIS Integration Questions

    Posted 10-16-2023 17:35

    We manually look up the balances on a spreadsheet and approve or deny accordingly.  

    [Gina] [Palmer]
    [Workforce Manager]

  • 3.  RE: HRIS Integration Questions

    Posted 10-23-2023 13:19

    We were also tracking balances via external spreadsheet throughout 2023 but that was not seamless since our WFM team doesn't have insight into time sheets. Agents will occasionally use sick time or vacation time to cover appointments/lates, which does not translate into the spreadsheet. In 2024 we are going to try passing off balance management to our frontline leaders, while the WFM team approves/denies requests based solely on allotments/availability. 

    Andrea Rushfeldt
    ATB Financial

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