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IC Business Manager (ICBM) AddIn

  • 1.  IC Business Manager (ICBM) AddIn

    Posted 09-28-2022 13:38
    I have worked with this product for over 20 years, but only ever provided solutions to customize Interaction Desktop when it comes to AddIns. I was recently approached to provide an AddIn for IC Business Manager, but don't see any comparable ININ.ICBusinessManager.AddIn library to reference. Before I start attempting to override ICBM exe's and dll's, I just wanted to understand whether this concept exists for ICBM via a reference library or IceLib.

    For context, we are trying to override the "Export" function of Recordings to include an additional window that allows Supervisors the ability to specify the export format. We would be writing an audio format converter that provides more options than what PureConnect offers natively.

    Dustin Battistone

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