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  • 1.  Interaction Connect Conferencing issues

    Posted 10-31-2022 13:35
    We are using Interaction Connect 2022 R2 in Microsoft Edge.

    We have a had a few users who are not able to conference in Interaction Connect. They are unable to drag and drop calls on to each other. Nothing happens when they try to drag and drop. This is only isolated to a few users and isolated to their machines. I can log into their Interaction Connect account on my machine and am able to successfully drag and drop calls on to each other. No I3 account will allow dragging and dropping on these specific users machines. We have Edge launching in App mode so there are no customization option available to the end user for the browser in this window.

    Has anyone else experienced this or do you have any ideas of what might be causing it?

    Michael Bishop
    UnitedHealth Group/Optum

  • 2.  RE: Interaction Connect Conferencing issues

    Posted 11-01-2022 03:20
    According to your information I understand the problem is bound to the PC, not to the user. Have you tried another browser, e.g. chrome, on that machines? What happens if you disable the browser sandbox? Or have you edge acciedently configured to open the Interaction Connect page in Internet Exporer mode?

    Andreas Tikart
    Fiebig GmbH