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  • 1.  Interaction Connect missing tab

    Posted 08-02-2022 03:17
    Hi Folks,

    I have some customer experience and this is happen intermittently and randomly :

    Customers agent is experiencing missing tab when login into I-Connection client with no any errors prompted on browser.
    When Agent's login to I-Connect Client, he/she could see only 'My Interaction'. The other tab 'Interaction Scripter' when missing.

    Administrator has to re-apply to Client Template before Agent see the all the tab again.
    This issue happened randomly to Agent.

    All the Agent is using Microsoft Edge version - 98.0.1108.56 (official build) (64-bit)

    Much appreciated who is helping or responding to my inquiry above.


    Gunadi Arunanto
    Genesys - Employees

  • 2.  RE: Interaction Connect missing tab

    Posted 10-20-2022 02:32
    Hi Gunadi,

    We are experiencing this as a widespread issue here, though we thought it was a Chrome issue. We have Genesys engineers working on the issue at the moment. I will update this with a fix when we get one :)

    Kat Martin
    Water Corporation

  • 3.  RE: Interaction Connect missing tab

    Posted 10-20-2022 14:37
    We are also seeing this.  We're using PureConnect with PureCloud integration for WebRTC phones. 
    Most of our agents are using Interaction Connect with WebRTC phones.   
    It seems that their template gets reset absolutely randomly, and we have to re-apply the template to random users ALL THE TIME. 
    It is extremely annoying and time consuming for our IT staff.  Agents are also annoyed by having to report the issue almost daily. 

    Has anyone succeeded in finding a semi-permanent solution or a workaround? 


    Dmitry Dyment

  • 4.  RE: Interaction Connect missing tab

    Posted 10-21-2022 03:29
    Edited by Andreas Tikart 10-21-2022 03:29
    We have the same problem. We did a deeper analysis and found that sometimes the layout gets corrupt and then gets reset to default.
    Since some IC Connect status (like which tab has currently the focus) is also stored in the layout, the layout is permantly written, even if the client doen't have layout change permission.
    So also for non-changeable agents the layout can get corrupt. See IDEA COOPLA-I-284

    But since now we are not able to catch a corrupt layout from the server's filesystem, so we assume the corruption occures on read and not on write.
    We had a discussion with Genesys about this, and they stated that the layout gets reset when it takes too long to read the layout (e.g. "because of slow network"). But this timeout value is not configurable.
    I can't imagine that this problem is a simple timeout, and we don't have a solution yet.

    Because this layout corruptions happens randomly, and we cannot command all 1000 agents to enable crome console and network log all the time, we are not able to deliver all the logs Genesys support requests, so sine now we didn't manage Genesys to have a look at their code.

    Andreas Tikart
    Fiebig GmbH

  • 5.  RE: Interaction Connect missing tab

    Posted 10-25-2022 02:45

    Hi All,


    Good morning, Good afternoon, and Good evening...!! Hope you are all doing good there.... ��


    Thank you for your kind share the information here...


    Currently, the product team still work on this, and per my discussion with the Developer, they suggest upgrading from 2020R4 P20 with iConnect 2021 or later, possibly cause iConnect 2020 has many issues with the latest version of the web browser...


    Will keep update with you all on the final approach or recommendation on this problem....








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