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  • 1.  Interaction Dialer

    Posted 10-14-2022 04:59

    I'm relatively new to Dialer so hoping someone can help. We're looking to have specific phone numbers show to customers when we ring from various campaigns. Does anyone know if Dialer can facilitate this and how? At the moment our IT department are saying it can only display 'Private Number' so looking for any other examples where you made have made this work for you?  Thanks in advance, Karen

    Karen Bolton
    Water Corporation

  • 2.  RE: Interaction Dialer

    Posted 10-15-2022 11:10
    Hi Karen,

    On the Basic Configuration section of the Campaign just before the SMS section you will see Calling Party name and to the right of that Number. Whatever number you put in that field is the one that shows up on the customers phone.

     Thank you,

    Scott Williams
    Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority

  • 3.  RE: Interaction Dialer

    Posted 10-15-2022 14:55
    Dear Karen,

    You may use campaign configuration under Interaction Dialer container of Interaction Administrator and you can use any number in the CPN field to display any numbers for your customers. Iportant part is that your Telco provider also support the number you want to display.

    Also another possibility is to use policies to make this CPN configuration automatically based on some triggers like schedules or some other campaign properties.

    I think this would help you.

    Best Regards

    Cenk Gündüz

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