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  • 1.  Internal Email transfers: Queue to Queue

    Posted 09-26-2022 21:43

    We are having some difficulty where email transfers between internal queue are not appearing in the queue the email has been transferred to. 
    I have noticed some queues have 'strip all skills' and some and some have 'all skills matching', though I am not sure that would impact this issue. 

    Has anyone had this issue with internal email transfer between queues, and what did you find was causing it?


    Jessica Blanck
    PICA Group

  • 2.  RE: Internal Email transfers: Queue to Queue

    Posted 09-29-2022 07:04
    Hello Jessica,

    I haven't encountered this issue but I am curious to know more about what you are experiencing. I myself am working across a couple of inbound email queues that the team I am part of uses. We regularly transfer interactions across queues and it has never occurred that an interaction gets "lost".

    Skills, in theory, should not affect the existence of the interaction. Having or not having skills will affect how it reaches respective agents on queue, but it should not inhibit the interaction to arrive in the queue especially coming off of a transfer.

    Have you tried to track the interaction by looking at the Interactions View? If you are an Admin or have the necessary permissions, there is a Performance View that should show you all the the interactions that went through Genesys Cloud. Click on Performance > Workspace and then in a new tab click Interactions. Filter email interactions only by clicking on the All button on the upper left-hand corner and then selecting the envelope icon that appears in the right-hand menu that slides out. On the view you can select a time interval to help you find the "lost" interaction. It should be logged since the interaction was handled prior to the transfer.

    When you find it, selecting the interaction would allow you to view the Timeline and find out the journey that interaction has gone through - which queue it landed, which agent worked on it, where it got transferred, and such.

    Nico Feliciano
    Genesys - Employees

  • 3.  RE: Internal Email transfers: Queue to Queue

    Posted 09-30-2022 09:19
    Hi Nico & Jessica - thanks for pointing this out.  I'd recommend opening a support case for this with some specific examples.  (If you can supply the conversationIDs and destination queue information for some examples that would be most helpful.)


    Chris Bohlin
    Product Manager - PureCloud

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