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  • 1.  Mandatory WDE case data on transfer for voice media

    Posted 06-27-2022 03:59
    Am I correct in my read of the guides that making case data attributes mandatory for transfers is only available for digltal (ie email etc) transactions?  For voice the only mandatory option is making the attributes mandatory to be able to mark the call as done?  Is there any "trick" to be able to make certain attributes mandatory prior to a transfer for voice?

    Vaun McCarthy

  • 2.  RE: Mandatory WDE case data on transfer for voice media

    Posted 07-06-2022 12:44
    Edited by Ginger Alford 07-06-2022 12:44
    Hi Vaun!  Please see response below from Product Management:

    "The user experience of "transfer for voice" is a bit different from "transfer for digital": in voice, the agent can proceed with a post transfer disposition of the interaction which is not possible for Digital. As there is this post transfer disposition for voice, the "mandatory case data" and "mandatory disposition" conditions will be enforced during the post transfer phase. For digital, as this post transfer state does not exist, it was necessary to add specific options to deal with the "mandatory" flows, which is probably the reason why this person is asking this question" - Ramya V

    Ginger Alford
    Program Manager, Product Strategy & Operations
    Genesys - Employee

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