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  • 1.  Mixed utilization

    Posted 08-30-2022 10:40


    I'm trying to set utilization for agent but meanwhile can not find proper combination.
    Requirement is:
    Agent could be able to receive:
    - 1 call always
    - 1 Callback always
    and the rest of utilization is for two multimedia interactions:
    - 1 email and 1 generic
    or 2 emails
    or 2 generic

    Meanwhile I set 51 % 1 for Call, 16% 1 for Callback but for the rest do not know how to set ones.

    If I set email 8% 1, generic 8% 1 then there is limit for number of interactions of one type.
    E.g. if agent has one call, one callback, and there are waiting 4 emails and one generic, he can receive just one generic and one email. If he processes generic then next email can not receive because there is limit of email to one email interaction at time.

    If I change email 8% 2, generic 8% 2, then agent can receive 4 multimedia interaction, what is not acceptable situation.

    Can someone explain how can be achieved condition : (1 email and 1 generic) or (2 emails) or (2 generic)

    Thank you very much for help

    Best regards


    Pavel Broska
    Alcasys Slovakia a.s

  • 2.  RE: Mixed utilization

    Posted 08-30-2022 10:51

    Try something like this:

    Call - 10% - Max Assign 1

    Callback - 10% Max Assign 1

    Email - 40% Max Assign 2

    Generic 40% Max Assign 2

    This way if your agent has any combination of 2 email/generic, they don't have room for another (120% required utilization) and they still have a remaining 20% utilization to take the other 2 types of interactions (call/callback).

    Aaron Lael
    State of Utah - comments on this forum reflect my own personal opinions\observations and are separate from any entity I am otherwise involved in.

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