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  • 1.  Outbound campaign scheduling rule

    Posted 03-01-2024 16:36

    Use Case:

    Agents have a goal of X number of outbound campaign calls per week.  The scheduled time for campaign calls is 10AM-3PM.  However, the manager does not want to force calls on an agent just because they are idle.  Is there a way to create a rule from Genesys Admin that we could trigger a campaign alert if the agent has been idle for Y number of minutes?  Then trigger the alert?


    W. Sachen

  • 2.  RE: Outbound campaign scheduling rule

    Posted 03-08-2024 22:29

    You could create a wrap-up rule that increments a counter in a data table and then use that data table to skill the calls for agents below amount on the outbound calls using the skill routing..  We call it call capping.  

    Robert Wakefield-Carl
    ttec Digital
    Sr. Director - Innovation Architects

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