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  • 1.  Outbound count versus Outbound attempt count

    Posted 05-26-2022 07:41
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    Hello everyone, 

    I need clarity on how the system calculates and counts outbound vs outbound attempt?

    Here's the scenario: outbound vs outbound attempt

    A client of ours started using dialer (preview mode) and it has been a week now. Some of their agents still make calls on behalf of a queue in addition to dialer to retain their leads because they are linked to their commission. The QA's are struggling to unpack meaning from the outbound statistics. here's some of the issues they are picking up: 

    • The performance views figures under " queue performance" versus interactions do not match. For instance, I get a count of 136 outbound attempts from the interactions view, and I get 112 outbound attempts from the performance views for the 15 May 2022.
    • The outbound and outbound attempt figures are almost the same while the general expectation is that outbound attempts would be higher. They vary by 1 or 2 digits.
    • In most instances outbound attempts are a digit or two lower than the outbound figure.
    My first assumption is that the outbound count includes the dialer calls, plus the calls made on behalf of a queue. 
    My second second assumption is that agents are making calls on behalf of a queue, on the dialer queue. 

    Both assumptions do not convince me. 

    Any thoughts?


    Tintswalo Maluleke


  • 2.  RE: Outbound count versus Outbound attempt count

    Posted 05-27-2022 10:01

    How many phone numbers are stored within a contact record? If there are more than phone number, the increase would make sense.

    Thank you,


    Eric Allen
    Vervent, Inc.

  • 3.  RE: Outbound count versus Outbound attempt count

    Posted 08-01-2022 07:04
    Hi Eric, 

    Thank you for your response. Yes, we had a maximum of three phone numbers per contact.

    Tintswalo Maluleke
    Pivotal Data (Pty) Ltd

  • 4.  RE: Outbound count versus Outbound attempt count

    Posted 06-01-2022 10:08
    Outbound attempts are exclusive to outbound campaigns and that metric will increment for every attempt made under the campaign regardless of the dialing mode.

    Outbound metrics are for outbound conversations on behalf of the queue.  These can be calls sourced from callbacks, calls made on behalf of the queue, and preview dials.  Preview dials are essentially just callbacks generated via a campaign as far as the data is concerned.

    If you want to filter down your outbound metrics to only show your campaign traffic, you can add a campaign filter to the metrics and see if that lowers the outbound value.  That will tell you that some of your outbound metrics are not coming from the dialer campaign.

    Comparing the interactions view vs. a metric performance view doesn't necessarily assume a 1:1 match. 

    The most common situation where these views don't match is when conversations span multiple days.  If you commonly reschedule your preview dials that can cause a single conversation to span multiple days, those conversations won't show up in an interactions search when searching on the current day if your search doesn't cover the GMT day that conversation started at all.  This limitation is further explained here:

    Another possibility is you're not taking multiple attempts in one conversation into consideration.  The interactions view will display conversations as a one line per conversation.  If you're comparing the line count of that view with the aggregate total of a performance view, you would be ignoring the possibility of multiple attempts within a single conversation.

    If you need some help diving into the actual details of your data, feel free to reach out to support.

    Ryan Legner
    Staff Product Manager, Genesys Cloud CX

  • 5.  RE: Outbound count versus Outbound attempt count

    Posted 08-01-2022 07:37
    Hi Ryan, 

    Thank you for the comprehensive explanation. It makes 100% sense to me. Adding that campaign filter will definitely help.

    All the possibilities you shared are quite insightful and will definitely help me to advice clients better. 

    I will definitely reach out if I need a deeper dive. 

    Tintswalo Maluleke
    Pivotal Data (Pty) Ltd

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