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  • 1.  Performance Views

    Posted 04-28-2023 01:07

    Hey Folks,

    The current agent performance views show metrics for what an agent has completed on any given day but this does not work for emails that be in a queue for days before it is answered due to the way the UI presents this information, by the received date.

    Agent A answered 25 emails yesterday as shown in the Agent Performance View, but if you go to the Agent Interactions View only 10 emails show up as the other 15 they completed arrived into the queue earlier in the week and not today.

    We need to be able to easily find all of the interactions of every interaction type in one place for a given day/date range in the interactions view so that we can manage team/agent performance and have a full picture.

    Please consider some way to be able to filter to get this information in the UI, and without having to use API queries.

    I am currently using "end date' but thats still not pulling all the interactions and of course its not a filtering option... 

    #Performance Management

    Sandra Lawrence


  • 2.  RE: Performance Views

    Posted 05-03-2023 11:58

    Hi Sandra,

    Sorry for the delay in a response - your suggestion doesn't sit in the WEM world but I have passed on your suggestion to the relevant Product Team.

    I would also suggest you raise and idea on the Ideas Lab, so others can comment and vote for your idea - our Product Management team monitor the Ideas Lab:-)


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