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Playing and stopping audio file to both party on the call - IS_Action_PlayWav

  • 1.  Playing and stopping audio file to both party on the call - IS_Action_PlayWav

    Posted 06-24-2022 03:40
    Hello All,

    I was trying to play wav file to the party on the call in the outbound call but IS_Action_PlayWav for scripter only plays audio file but can not stop audio. The  request was like that;

    At the end of the every call or depending of sales conversation there are fixed announcements which have to read by the Agent to the customer.
    skipping this step or missed/false info could cause legal problems.
    Operation and customer would like to play announcement's by the system with the agent's selection and/or script flow.
    During the playing of the announcement, Agent and Customer should hear each other and if Customer wants to interrup, Agent should able to stop announcement and re-start from the beginning.
    Several different announcement could be played during the call.

    IS_Action_PlayWav or action definition to the interaction client can only start playing .wav but there is't any option to stop playing.

    First, I tried to create conference to play announcement but due to license limitations and size of the operation, we had limitations. How did I solve ? With the hold action :)

    I tried the same thing for the Pure connect and CIC 3.0 and this solution works for the both of the product.

    1) To catch the play wav request during the call, I decided to use OnHoldAudioRandomizationMonitor handler. I will catch the call when Agent press hold button or send hold action from scripter
    2) To identify call and play announcement, before pressing hold button we are adding an attach data to the call which contains announcement name to play.
    3) When the agent press the hold button, On the handler I cathc the call and look at the calls attach data. If selected attach data contains information I am taking these actions;
         a) pickup call (move to system queue - false, claim of the call, true)
         b) assign announcement path to a variable
         c) Attach data is containing announcement name. At the Play Audio handler step, I dynamicly assign announcement.
                      For the Pure Connect
                     d1) Audio File skip key definition and skip amount of seconds parameters  added to PlayAudio step
                     e1) when the caller or Agent send skip key, announcement stops because I added skip seconds higher than announcements length.
                     f1) after the hold starts, depending of Scripter or client definition we clear attach data in order to not interrupt hold process flow
                      For the CIC 3.0 (key's couldn't understand by the system)
                      d2) Audio file configuration added to the handler
                      e2) Because skip key is not working, to stop playing audio, first we clear attach data and hold the call again for a milisecond and pickup from the screen.
                       f2) Playing announcement stops
          g) call recordings, flow, call data is not effecting by this.


    Ahmet ersah guneykaya

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