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  • 1.  Post-call Voice Survey

    Posted 25 days ago

    i know that post-call voice survey is not supported by Genesys, but I've found and use this:

    it works well for NPS, but when i add 2nd question, i can't find proper input place.
    it using answerID:
    "answerOptions": [{
    "id": "01b28df9-00cb-4ffa-9631-5cb9d5617920",
    "text": "1",
    "value": 1
    }, {
    "id": "c31a11e5-391c-4720-a249-92da59f937b0",
    "text": "2",
    "value": 2
    }, {
    "id": "aa2a8cc9-86d6-4e4b-976f-5768e2f238a2",
    "text": "3",
    "value": 3
    }, {
    "id": "abf50314-5787-4a3a-91a8-cb0196608be2",
    "text": "4",
    "value": 4
    }, {
    "id": "f911aa12-b2a3-497c-86da-1da3e3739ebc",
    "text": "5",
    "value": 5

    and in NPS question it's simple:
    "npsScore": 10 =>. "npsScore": $ {input.question2}

    Do you have any ideas how to solve it?


    Fedor Egorov
    Dreamlines GmbH

  • 2.  RE: Post-call Voice Survey
    Best Answer

    Posted 4 days ago

    Found a way how to solve it:

    • add Switch into Flow (where i update data table)
    • convert answer from DTMF to answerID (as in json)
    • and then just Post in survey in proper format.

      Thanks to Philip Thys, who helped with this!

    Fedor Egorov
    Dreamlines GmbH

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