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  • 1.  Predictive Engagement with chatbot

    Posted 03-17-2023 19:07

    Hey all,

    When i add the Website Snippet from Predictive Engagement as well as the snippet from Meseneger deployment into my site it is coming up twice in the Predictive Engagement live view (screenshot below). 

    Would anyone know why this is?

    My Goal here is to use Predictive Engagement with chatbot, and its working all as i expect. But not sure why it shows up twice?

    I put it into the headers of the wordpress site, sample code i inserted is below

    ** Removed code. but this is coming from Predictive Engagement

      (function (g, e, n, es, ys) {
        g['_genesysJs'] = e;
        g[e] = g[e] || function () {
          (g[e].q = g[e].q || []).push(arguments)
    ** removed code this one is from chatbot 



  • 2.  RE: Predictive Engagement with chatbot

    Posted 03-18-2023 02:00

    Hi Richard

    You only need a single instance of the widget for predictive engagement.  If you are using web messaging, then the deployment widget code actually points to the predictive engagement stuff anyway.  So just leave the web messaging one in and make sure you've enabled predictive engagement on that configuration.

    Vaun McCarthy

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