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  • 1.  Product and User Research: Job Descriptions

    Posted 08-17-2022 20:04
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    Hi Community,

    Our Product Teams maintain an internal library about individual job positions and roles within our industry. The Archetype and User Role/Persona definition is leveraged extensively across all stages of research and development as an anchor of our understanding of the industry as a whole.

    As you can imagine with a large internal workforce at Genesys not everyone can retain a deep understanding of the role of a 'Quality Evaluator' or 'Real Time Analyst'. For this we map summary information and then subsequent detailed knowledge for our teams to use as capabilities are built.

    For example; Community members who have assisted in our research and or design sessions as part of the sponsor user program would remember these conversations in the past. 

    To open up a more open dialogue on this topic. I wanted to invite the community to contribute your own job descriptions for the roles that you have as additions to the larger collection of resources we already have. If the community have significant interest in this topic we could potentially run a broader set of sessions to invite casual conversation on the individual positions, pain points, needs and the like where we can share our findings for validation also. 

    This information will allow us to improve our existing data set that represent the roles and positions/responsibilities that your staff have as part of our wider considerations around developed capabilities. In turn a better quality product can be created including innovation while we focus on meeting the core needs of your employees, and fellow team members. Which is a core goal for us on the product team. 

    If you feel you can contribute with Job Descriptions, please either message me directly here or comment below and we will be in touch. If you are feeling extra helpful (maybe even brave?) feel free to post the job description below and invite community conversation. We would love to hear from you and more so invite a community conversation on these topics. 

    Genesys Product Management


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    Cameron Smith
    VP, Product Management - Workforce Engagement Management

  • 2.  RE: Product and User Research: Job Descriptions

    Posted 08-25-2022 16:02
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    Hello Cam!
    I want to make sure I understand what you are looking for exactly. For us we have a job description for a nurse who does QA, manager and director. These 3 roles take care of everything we do in the nursing department. They are pretty basic/broad but I would be happy to share what you think would be helpful

    Cherri Lindquist
    Company Nurse

  • 3.  RE: Product and User Research: Job Descriptions

    Posted 08-25-2022 18:46
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    Really any contribution is a valid one :)

    For us we want to make sure we understand the role and its requirements as clearly as possible. We appreciate that in each environment there are subtle differences in roles and functions but collectively there is a lot of similarity (80/20 Rule). From a product perspective our goal is to make sure that this user and that this role has the most WOW experience possible.

    Cameron Smith
    VP, Product Management - Workforce Engagement Management

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