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Pureconnect SIP softphone not working with USB headset

  • 1.  Pureconnect SIP softphone not working with USB headset

    Posted 06-07-2023 08:55
    Edited by AUNG THUHEIN 06-08-2023 13:45

    Hi All Expert,

         I am new to Genesys and trying to pickup some skills for now. I am having issue with SIP softphone audio resourece issue when using USB headset. Logitech Headset is working fine with other audio application. Pureconnect SIP softphone is working fine with default PC audio ( PC speaker/Mic) and Headset with direct audio port connector. But when user connected USB headset, user couldn't make any calls. There an error message " Dial Call Failed"  "There was an error dialing the call. Contact your administrator for more information". When I checked the softphone logs, there were audio resource issue found. The problem only happened with USB headset. I changed with another working headset from other user, it's work for like 1 day and the problem come up again. Softphone audio setting and PC audio setting were correct ,set as USB headset Logitech.

             Does anyone experience similar issue ? Please advise what could be the cause and where can I check to resolve the issue.

    Thanks All...!!!!




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