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  • 1.  Record block bug?

    Posted 08-24-2023 09:09

    Hello everyone,

    I have an scenario where I want to record an audio and send it to a third party service just after being recorded and during execution of the callflow.

    A very simple callflow will be like the one I show here. User utterance is recorded using <record> tag and then recorded utterance is sent to a 3rd party service via an HTTP REST request.

    Record block has an "Output Result" property which assigns the collected data to a user-defined variable for further processing. I would expect to have a file descriptor of the audio in this variable so it can be sent to the service. However, I'm receiving a string with the file path ('file://C:\\Program Files\\GCTI\\gvp\\GVP_Media_Control_Platform\\callrec\\0184024E-1000667E\\callrec.0184024E-1000667E.230824032157.wav').

    I've take a look at the generated code and I've seen how "Output Result" assigned variable is being assigned to a new variable like this:

    <assign name="AppState.record_file" expr="'file://' + Record1RECORD$.dest" />

    This explain why file path is received instead of file content. Indeed, if I edit generated code as:

    <assign name="AppState.record_file" expr="'Record1RECORD" />

    , then I receive the audio propperly.

    Does anybody know if there is a bug related to code generation or am I missing something?

    Thanks in advance,



    Julen Iraceburu

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