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Release of Out-of-the-box Topic updates for English dialects

  • 1.  Release of Out-of-the-box Topic updates for English dialects

    Posted 09-27-2023 08:52

    Hello everyone

    Today we're excited to release updates to our Out-of-the-box Topics for English dialects

    These changes update phrases to include the exact match capability, to make these Topics even more accurate.

    Additionally, we've updated the way in which Out-of-the-box Topics can be kept up to date, by adding a Replace and Merge capability.

    Replace and Merge will replace Topics that you haven't edited with the latest version of the Topic. If a Topic has been edited by yourselves, we'll fallback to Merge, where we'll update the phrases in the Topic so they match the latest version. Additionally Replace and Merge will remove Topics that have been deprecated, provided these have not been edited.

    This is a great release, enabling you to get the most up to date version of our Out-of-the-box Topics


    #Workforce Engagement Management

    Andy Boland
    Genesys - Employees

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