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Removing the Chart on Subscription / Billing & Usage UI

  • 1.  Removing the Chart on Subscription / Billing & Usage UI

    Posted 09-07-2023 23:36
    Edited by Scott A Thomas 09-07-2023 23:37

    What are we removing?

    At the top of the Subscription or Billing & Usage page in Genesys Cloud admin is a chart which appears to show a commit in dollars and whether or not that commitment has been exceeded.

    Why are we doing this?

    Essentially, the design is too limited and therefore misleading.

    • The design of this chart is geared towards a dollar commitment for the entirety of the Genesys Cloud subscription. This doesn't align with how our subscriptions work as commitments are per-SKU. Being that it's possible then to have overage charges and still be under this "dollar commitment", this is presenting misleading information.
    • This chart does not actually function for all our different offers.
    • This chart does not take certain concepts into account such as differing prepay methods.

    With that in mind, this chart is actually doing more harm than good.

    But why not make it better instead?

    Let's go one step further. We have UX designers hard at work to completely reimagine a UI for Genesys Cloud subscriptions, usage, charges, and the underlying data behind those charges. It is crucial that we give you the information you need for self-service reconciliation of our invoicing and the empowerment that comes with that understanding.

    If you have any comments about the removal of this chart or more broadly about this UI or its future, please feel free to reply below.





    Scott A Thomas
    Director, Product Management, Genesys Cloud
    Subscriptions, Billing, Growth

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