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  • 1.  Rescheduling when Work Plans have changed

    Posted 11-29-2023 10:57

    I am hoping someone can assist me.  Based on the material I am reading, when agents change their Work Plans, but the schedule is already generated, my understanding is that you assign them to the new WP, then use the reschedule option. 

    However, this isn't picking up the new WP or generating and conflicts.  This works if I remove them from the schedule and add them back on, but it feels like that step should be unnecessary, and also means having to manually note any meetings that have been scheduled. I wonder if there are any other workarounds?

    I see that I can change the WP itself and regenerate schedules, but this only works if everyone on the WP is also changing.

    Thanks, Heather


    Heather Henderson
    Sabio Ltd

  • 2.  RE: Rescheduling when Work Plans have changed

    Posted 11-29-2023 11:38
    Edited by Andrea Rushfeldt 11-30-2023 12:25

    Hi Heather,

    We were also struggling with this process in addition to trying to reassign MUs for a generated or published schedule. It sounds like you have already identified the workaround (remove the agent from the schedule entirely, then add them back). Please let me know if there is an enhancement idea that I can upvote for this. In the meantime, this idea is somewhat related but focuses more on MUs/adherence:

    Andrea Rushfeldt
    ATB Financial

  • 3.  RE: Rescheduling when Work Plans have changed

    Posted 11-30-2023 08:05

    Rescheduling will attempt to use the work plan for the agent(s) that were assigned to them at initial schedule generation time; it will not attempt to use a completely different work plan for the agent(s) if they've been assigned to a new work plan after schedule generation.

    • For an intraday reschedule, Genesys Cloud attempts to use the work plan that exists when you initially generate a schedule and honor any changes to that work plan. If the agent's current work plan is a different work plan than the one in place when you first create the schedule, then Genesys Cloud does not use it.

    Wholesale changes of an existing work plan or moving someone to a completely new work plan should coincide with the next scheduling period. Making significant changes to an existing work plan and rescheduling can very well have agents that are not able to be rescheduled because their old work plan rules and the revised rules will not jointly make any valid shifts.

    Jay Langsford
    VP, R&D

  • 4.  RE: Rescheduling when Work Plans have changed

    Posted 11-30-2023 10:52

    Hi Jay. I understand that Work Plan configuration was intended to be set up before schedule generation, however there are multiple use cases where this does not work for business needs. I think it would be more helpful if you could also mention to any users reading this thread (and others like it) that a workaround has been identified, which does allow you to reconfigure agents at the MU and Work Plan level for schedules that have already been generated or published. 

    Andrea Rushfeldt
    ATB Financial

  • 5.  RE: Rescheduling when Work Plans have changed

    Posted 11-30-2023 10:52

    I've observed a challenge in the current system that I believe needs attention. Regular schedule changes are inherent in the day-to-day operations of any call center, whether it's adapting to trends, realigning agents as needed, or making compassionate adjustments for a better work-life balance, whether initiated by WFM or overridden by Operations (Supervisor, Manager, etc.).

    It seems that the system is struggling to seamlessly adapt to these changes, which feels less than ideal. Given that the system is designed to handle multiple weeks at once, it should ideally support and streamline the process of rescheduling someone on a longer-term plan, especially when changes are needed mid-cycle, like in a 6-week plan.

    A feature that allowed multiple work plans to be assigned to someone, similar to the functionality in the old system, could address this issue. This way, future schedule changes could automatically take effect when needed. If the system looked at the work plan to determine which one is in effect at the time of the schedule, it could potentially address both concerns raised in the idea portal entries.

    I would encourage other organizations to exercise caution when considering extended schedule generations until Genesys addresses these challenges for better support in longer-term scheduling. In the meantime, we've found that working on a weekly generation basis provides more granular control.

    Gene Gutierrez | Workforce Coordinator
    Presbyterian Customer Service Center
    Albuquerque, NM

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