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Salesforce Object Routing Server (SORS) support for Callback? / Salesforce_InteractioCreator.ihd

  • 1.  Salesforce Object Routing Server (SORS) support for Callback? / Salesforce_InteractioCreator.ihd

    Posted 12-13-2022 03:56
    Hello everybody
    I have one interesting question and I would like to get some insight from you (and of course if someone from Genesys) if anybody was investigating it.

    Through explanation on documentation portal How the Salesforce Object Routing Server works with Salesforce
    Workflow for the Salesforce Object Routing Server 
    it explains that cases from SF are routed as an email interaction in PureConnect and that The Salesforce Object Routing Server raises a custom notification, which fires a handler on the CIC server. The handler creates the email interaction and assigns it to the CIC workgroup. But if you look at the handler Salesforce_InteractioCreator.ihd
    As you can see in handler itself, in step 4 it select Interaction Type and later in Selection step 45 it checks whether that interaction is "Callback" and in case of true in step 47 it creates a Callback. But nowhere in documentation this is not mentioned, only emails.

    So just want to know if anyone knows if it's possible to create a callback interaction through SF the same way the email is created based on the case? Handlers shows the tools within but you can't find anything in documentation about it.

    Custom notification handler triggered by SORS


    Раско Радојевић
    Rasko Radojevic

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